Scottish National Party (SNP) Press Release:

The SNP is today (17 June 2014)  highlighting analysis from a think tank which finds the lowest income 20 per cent of British households are among the poorest in Western Europe as further proof that poverty can only be tackled with a Yes vote.

The High Pay Centre’s study, reported in today’s Financial Times, states that “life is much worse here than it is for the poorest fifth in virtually every other north west European country”.

This comes on the same day The Guardian leads on an ICM poll revealing that less one in five people across the countries of the UK say their families are feeling any benefit of economic recovery.

Commenting Marco Biagi MSP, a member of the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee, said:

“Under the Westminster system, the poorest people in Scotland are suffering – and this report finds that they are amongst the worst off in Europe. In addition, the majority of ordinary families are feeling no benefit from the economic upturn.

“It is Westminster’s Tory Lib Dem cuts agenda – supported by Labour – including the costly and regressive Bedroom Tax that has made the UK one of the most unequal and unfair societies in the developed world.

“Scotland is brimming with resources and talent – and is richer per head than the UK, France and Japan – but while it is tied the Westminster system the most vulnerable people in society are forced to use food banks.

“The reality is that under Westminster, up to 100,000 more children in Scotland face being pushed into poverty by 2020 – but the people of Scotland have a golden opportunity to escape the continual decline of the UK.

“While the UK government continues down this road of making the poor poorer, and the anti-independence No campaign tries to tell the people of Scotland that this is as good as it gets, it is clearer than ever why we all must vote Yes in September and allow Scotland to build the fairer country we know it can be.”



The Guardian: Majority are left behind in Britain’s uneven recovery


Source: Think tank: UK poor among worst off in Europe



  1. Not only is this Coalition Government hell bent on killing off the most vulnerable in this society, it is determined to push Scotland out off the nest.

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