Tory Youth Welfare Plans An Attack On The North, Lib Dems Say

Party produces analysis showing those most affected by the policy to make school leavers do community work or face losing state support will be in non Tory-voting areas.

Photo credit: jovike via photopin cc

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  1. Demonize the lot why don’t you My daughter was unemployed for a while Highly educated at that. 25% of these young people end up with mental health problems I have heard Cameron talk about youth at length but he never admits he hasn’t a clue what he is on about His own policies are a big stumbling block to youth unemployment. Let people retire and give the jobs to the young ones Leave the mothers of young children alone and give the young ones a job, It cots the government more to send mums with young children 3 times a much in benefits to get them into work than it does to let them alone. Lastly give the man a calculator

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