Scottish National Party (SNP) Media Release:

The Scottish National Party has highlighted the difference between the UK and Scottish governments as Iain Duncan Smith sets out plans for benefit cuts on the same day Nicola Sturgeon announces further assistance for food banks.

The Work and Pensions Secretary will today propose changes to benefits following recommendations from Policy Exchange – a centre-right think tank with close links to the Conservative Party – that the government’s £26,000 benefits cap be lowered outside London.

The Scottish Government has today announced funding to tackle food poverty with £518,000 of grants for 26 projects across Scotland. This is in addition to £1m allocated to support the work of food providers through the Emergency Food Fund.

The Trussell Trust has said the number of people who have used their food banks in Scotland in the past year has risen by 400%.

Commenting, SNP Westminster spokesperson for Work and Pensions Dr Eilidh Whiteford MP said:

“The contrast between the UK government and Scottish government couldn’t be clearer- on the same day Iain Duncan Smith outlines further cuts to welfare, Nicola Sturgeon announced further assistance to food banks, as Scots hit by Westminster’s welfare cuts struggle to feed themselves.

“It’s incredibly worrying that a No vote next month would mean more cuts are coming – as Iain Duncan Smith’s speech and Policy Exchange research makes clear.

“Scotland is an incredibly wealthy nation – richer per head than France, Japan and the UK as a whole – and yet thanks to Westminster’s attack on the welfare state more than 22,000 children in Scotland have to rely on food banks.

“A Yes vote in September is our one opportunity to escape from Westminster’s austerity agenda and to invest Scotland’s wealth in making our country fairer and more prosperous for everyone who lives here – and we should grab it with both hands.”


Source: – Westminster threatens benefits




    • On the contrary mate, the only way Scotland can be free of these Westminster bottom feeders is for us to say YES!

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