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  1. Why can’t they realise the gap is “stubbornly high” because a lot of disabled people CANNOT work, not that we don’t want to?

  2. Exactly, Gerky. There’s a wealth of difference between wanting to work and actually being able to work. It’s time the government recognised this and that work is not a realistic goal for many disabled people.

    Also, they’re aiming all this crap at the wrong people – instead of burdening disabled people with all this back to work crap, they actually need to work on the other side of the coin, with employers. Too many still discriminate against disabled people and make it hard to get the needed accommodations and adaptations that enable a disabled person to do their job. I’ve known a few disabled people with jobs who’ve experienced a deterioration in their working conditions over time, leading eventually to them being forced out of their jobs by the completely untenable conditions. (Things like being unable to do all of their assigned duties because of a lack of adaptations, and then being given a disciplinary for not completing said work.)

  3. I WANT to work, but you try finding an employer for an autistic person with M.S social anxiety, and uncontrolled seizures, much less a trans one who doesn’t mind mi hours would be almost completely random because of that cocktail of conditions.

  4. If they really cared about this they woudnt have cut services that help disabled people to work. In fact as a disabled person all the tories have ever done is block my access to work by making me continually jump through their hoops rather than focus on getting myself well and back into work.

    It is not even hard to get disabled people into work. All you have to do is give us free education and training that they want to do and are able to do to train in something that actually fits around our disabilities and stop cutting our benefits. So that we can afford things like taxis and personal assistants to assist us with actually getting to that training and education and eventually the workplace. It isnt even difficult. i would have retrained in a new career years ago if all my time and energy wasnt taken up jumping through torie hoops that leave me homeless and then now I have a house housebound with no care

  5. And this is from a goverment that has took mobilty cars away from disabled workers claiming PIP, and now have given their jobs up because they can’t get to their place of employment ?

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