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Scrap ‘highly regressive’ council tax, says thinktank

Resolution Foundation says levy now resembles much maligned poll tax and should be replaced with more progressive system.

OECD: UK has lowest state pension of any developed country

British workers receive just 29% of their previous earnings, although private pensions bring figure up to near average.

Higher rate UK taxpayers gain most in budget changes

Rise in personal tax allowance benefits higher ratepayers by £340 a year with basic rate band £70 better off and universal credit recipients better by just 50p per week.

Ditch tax cuts to fund universal credit, says Iain Duncan Smith’s thinktank

Centre for Social Justice urges chancellor to row back on manifesto pledge to reduce income tax and invest in benefits instead.

Welfare shakeup ‘will push a quarter of a million children into poverty’

Analysis for the Guardian finds changes due on 6 April will also wipe thousands off payments for bereaved families.

Osborne’s huge tax giveaway starts for rich – as the poor are hit

Wealthy get 80% of rewards from tax and welfare changes introduced by George Osborne that begin to come into effect this week.

Philip Hammond scraps national insurance rise for the self-employed

Chancellor performs U-turn on much-criticised budget tax grab, accepting that it breached wording of Tory manifesto.

Families could lose up to 16% of income after national insurance changes

Study finds self-employed single parent of two on £10,000 faces losing thousands due to rise in NICs and cuts to universal credit.

Insecure employment ‘costing the UK economy billions every year’

Employers using zero-hours contracts and low-paid self-employment to escape paying tax and national insurance, TUC report warns.

Philip Hammond urged to shelve tax cuts and help poorer families

Chancellor should use first autumn statement to shield those on low incomes from Brexit impact, says thinktank.

Taxes and benefit cuts await 1 in 8 people using Tory pension freedoms – report

One in eight people using new pension freedoms have being caught out by unexpected taxes and cuts to benefits, says Citizens Advice.

Theresa May will be no friend to the poor and vulnerable, voting record shows

Theresa May's voting record will undoubtedly leave many people worried about what the future may hold.

Tory tax and benefit plans ‘widen generation divide’

Split seen in EU referendum will worsen as cash redistributed to the old, independent analysis finds.

John McDonnell: Labour Taking A Close Look At Universal Basic Income

Shadow chancellor says the concept of an unconditional payment to all could prepare country for robotisation of the workforce.

Universal Credit Reduced To Cost-Cutting Exercise By Treasury, Say Experts

Flagship benefit reform has been watered down so much that it risks failing to achieve its original purpose, warns Resolution thinktank.

George Osborne Refuses To Be Pinned Down Over Future Benefit Cuts

Treasury committee grills chancellor about how he will fill hole in budget caused by ditching reduction in disability payments.

Nicky Morgan Confronted On Tory Tax And Benefit Changes (Video)

BBC Newsnight questions Education Secretary Nicky Morgan on how IFS data shows the poorest are bearing the brunt of Tory tax and benefit changes.

Budget 2016: Labour Attacks Government’s Help To Save Scheme

Shadow work and pensions secretary Owen Smith says scheme fails to compensate for cuts made elsewhere.

George Osborne Accused Of Hitting Most Vulnerable With Tax Plans

Chancellor urged by Labour and Lib Dems to give priority in his budget to low earners and use spare money to offset welfare cuts.

Revealed: Tax Credit Data Exposes Limits Of Cameron’s ‘Emergency Brake’

Figures obtained by Guardian after six-month battle show only 84,000 EU migrant families claiming tax credits have lived in the UK for four years or less.

George Osborne’s Spending Review Cuts To Hit Social Care And Police

Chancellor to spell out how axe will fall on Whitehall budgets that were not protected in election manifesto pledge.

Most Tories Oppose Tax Credits Cuts, Says Conservative MP

Stephen McPartland, writing in the Observer, is leading a rebellion urging George Osborne to drop proposals.




Housing associations rake in record profits while only building 597 homes for social rent

Housing associations appear to be moving away from building social housing in favour of more profitable options.

Disabled man had to sleep rough and ‘sofa surf’ because of council faults

Ombudsman says Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead did not act quickly enough to find him suitable accommodation.

DWP win legal case which could “severely curtail” benefit claimant’s human rights

Win could prevent benefit claimants from using the Human Rights Act when challenging cruel benefits decisions at tribunal.

Welfare debate highlights the very worst of Tory ‘callousness’ towards Britain’s poorest

Tories "have their heads firmly in the sand" over the devastating impact of their welfare policies, says SNP MP.

Child Benefit and Tax Credit payment dates over Easter 2018

Some people could receive their benefits up to four days early this Easter - here's what you need to know.

Benefits and tax credits payment dates Easter 2017

If you're worried about benefits and tax credits payments over Easter 2017 here are the dates you need to remember.