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Charity condemns ‘rising tide of pensioner poverty’

Around one in six Scottish pensioners are living in poverty and struggling to pay bills or put food on the table.

Council funding for women’s refuges cut by nearly £7m since 2010

Funding is down at two-thirds of local authorities across England, Wales and Scotland, data reveals.

Scottish government urged to use devolved powers on child poverty

Calls for commitment to topping up child element of universal credit to meet 2030 targets.

Future-proofed against austerity: new Scottish social security system

Independent body will check that changes preserve human rights before Holyrood gets vote.

Scotland calls for halt on universal credit

Northern Ireland also expresses concerns, putting launch of flagship welfare reform in doubt.

Jeremy Corbyn calls for halt to job centre closures at rally in Scotland

Labour leader, visiting Coatbridge as part of tour of marginal constituencies, says DWP cost-cutting will hurt town’s economy.

How Scotland is putting a stop to period poverty

A pilot scheme giving away sanitary products through food banks aims to help low-income women and break down taboos.

SNP general election manifesto: key points and analysis

Scottish National Party makes ending the Tory austerity programme its top priority.

Ruth Davidson under attack over child tax credit form for rape victims

Nicola Sturgeon accuses Scottish Tory leader of ‘utterly shameful’ behaviour by refusing to denounce UK government policy.

Universal basic income trials being considered in Scotland

Two councils, Fife and Glasgow, are investigating idea of offering everyone a fixed income regardless of earnings.

DWP staff told to focus on sanctions rather than processing benefit appeals

SNP MP calls for benefit sanctions to be halted over the festive period.

Scotland wins battle to end voluntary work programme sanctions

Holyrood can exempt Scots taking part from having benefits stopped or cut thanks to newly devolved welfare powers.

Devolution of Scottish welfare ‘being used as political football’, says SNP

Social security minister Jeane Freeman accuses opponents of ‘careless disregard for the impact their words have on the people they claim to represent'.

Scottish government tries to exempt Scots from having benefits stopped

Holyrood would like this power repatriated from Westminster – around 80,000 Scots have been sanctioned in this way since 2010.

Charity urges MSPs to give free tampons to women on benefits

Scottish parliament hears about women and girls using newspaper and socks as ‘period poverty’ is debated for first time.

Social security, not benefits: Scotland to ponder words of welfare

Ministers to consider negative connotations of language of benefits ahead of creation of social security agency.

Sturgeon moves to bring back scrapped targets on child poverty

First minister announces consultation on bill that could enshrine Scottish strategy on child poverty in law.

SNP MP Launches Campaign Against Tax Credit ‘Rape Clause’

SNP MP says proposals to scrutinise women who have third child due to rape was stigmatising and has no place in the 21st century.

Sturgeon: Scrap Cuts And Trident Or Face Another Vote On Independence

Nicola Sturgeon has threatened to demand a second independence referendum unless David Cameron reverses his welfare cuts and halts plans to renew Trident.

Scotland Prepared To Rebel Over DWP’s Child Poverty Changes

Holyrood wants to leave UK child poverty commission headed by former Labour cabinet minister Alan Milburn.

SNP Takes To Opposition Seats After Blasting Labour For Welfare Bill Stance

Nicola Sturgeon says her party offered the only opposition to the Conservatives, after slamming Labour for abstaining from a crucial vote on welfare reforms.

Anti-Austerity Protests: Tens Of Thousands Rally Across UK

Between 70,000 and 150,000 estimated to have marched in central London, with demonstrations in Glasgow, Liverpool and Bristol.




Housing associations rake in record profits while only building 597 homes for social rent

Housing associations appear to be moving away from building social housing in favour of more profitable options.

Disabled man had to sleep rough and ‘sofa surf’ because of council faults

Ombudsman says Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead did not act quickly enough to find him suitable accommodation.

DWP win legal case which could “severely curtail” benefit claimant’s human rights

Win could prevent benefit claimants from using the Human Rights Act when challenging cruel benefits decisions at tribunal.

Welfare debate highlights the very worst of Tory ‘callousness’ towards Britain’s poorest

Tories "have their heads firmly in the sand" over the devastating impact of their welfare policies, says SNP MP.

Child Benefit and Tax Credit payment dates over Easter 2018

Some people could receive their benefits up to four days early this Easter - here's what you need to know.

Benefits and tax credits payment dates Easter 2017

If you're worried about benefits and tax credits payments over Easter 2017 here are the dates you need to remember.