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McDonald’s workers to go on strike in Britain for first time

Staff in Cambridge and Crayford branches to protest over low wages and zero-hours contracts in action backed by Corbyn.

Disability Activists Say LSE Wrong To Shelve Welfare Lecture

Black Triangle among groups backing free speech, claiming college over-reacted to retorts about Adam Perkins benefits theory.

Bedroom Tax Protesters Descend On Welsh Parliament – Wales Online

Protesters are urging the Welsh Government to mitigate the effects of 'bedroom tax'.

Disabled Protesters Stormed Parliament To Deliver A Letter, Say Campaigners

Disabled protesters attempted to storm parliament to deliver a letter to speaker John Bercow, say disability campaigners.

Disability Protesters Storm House Of Commons – And Get Within Yards Of David Cameron

Disability protesters have stormed the House of Commons in protest over the Government's decision to close the Independent Living Fund.

Labour MP Calls For One Million People To March Against Tory Austerity

Labour MP Michael Meacher has called for one million people to take to the streets in a mass protest against Tory austerity cuts.

Andy Burnham Rejects Osborne’s Call For Labour Support On £12bn Welfare Cuts

Labour leadership candidate says he will not support ‘brutal plans’ and that chancellor should expect a fight over any cuts to disability benefits or tax credits.

Anti-Austerity Protests: Tens Of Thousands Rally Across UK

Between 70,000 and 150,000 estimated to have marched in central London, with demonstrations in Glasgow, Liverpool and Bristol.

Union To Protest Against ‘Grotesque’ Benefit Sanctions

Unite will call for an immediate end to the 'grotesque cruelty' of the government's punitive benefit sanctions regime.

Unite Supports Protests Against Sickness Benefit Tests

Unite the union will be supporting a national day of action against Work Capability Assessments on 2 March 2015.

Union Slams ‘Appalling Case Of Intimidation’ By NHS Employer As Workers Plan Protest

78 NHS workers were shut out by their employer on June 26, in a move described by Unite as a blatant attempt to 'starve' the workers into accepting inferior contract terms.




Housing associations rake in record profits while only building 597 homes for social rent

Housing associations appear to be moving away from building social housing in favour of more profitable options.

Disabled man had to sleep rough and ‘sofa surf’ because of council faults

Ombudsman says Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead did not act quickly enough to find him suitable accommodation.

DWP win legal case which could “severely curtail” benefit claimant’s human rights

Win could prevent benefit claimants from using the Human Rights Act when challenging cruel benefits decisions at tribunal.

Welfare debate highlights the very worst of Tory ‘callousness’ towards Britain’s poorest

Tories "have their heads firmly in the sand" over the devastating impact of their welfare policies, says SNP MP.

Child Benefit and Tax Credit payment dates over Easter 2018

Some people could receive their benefits up to four days early this Easter - here's what you need to know.

Benefits and tax credits payment dates Easter 2017

If you're worried about benefits and tax credits payments over Easter 2017 here are the dates you need to remember.