Wednesday, March 21, 2018
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Labour sounds alarm over rollout of universal credit rape clause into N Ireland

Opposition calls for parliamentary debate, saying women risk being criminalised if two-child limit is imposed in region.

Man wins equal pension rights for husband at supreme court

Landmark ruling means former cavalry officer’s husband will enjoy the same pension rights as a widow would.

Bereaved families attend widowed parents’ allowance protest

Westminster demonstration takes place after change in rules dramatically reduces amount paid out after a death.

Government has broken vow on bereavement benefit cuts, says MP

Frank Field wants ministers to explain why policy will save £100m a year despite pledge not to slash funding for parents.

Tax credit ‘rape clause’ becomes law without parliamentary vote

Controversial move, which requires woman who had third child as result of rape to verify her position, added to existing act.

Government failure to act means gender pay gap will remain, say MPs

Women and equalities committee makes claim after ministers reject proposals aimed at helping women back into workforce.

Six million low-income families ‘worse off than 10 years ago’

Rising costs to housing and childcare have hit ‘just managing’ families, as identified by Theresa May in her maiden Downing Street speech.

Charity urges MSPs to give free tampons to women on benefits

Scottish parliament hears about women and girls using newspaper and socks as ‘period poverty’ is debated for first time.

Grieving Low-Income Families Pushed Into Funeral Poverty, Say MPs

Rising cost of basic ceremonies and lack of state support risks ‘return to miserable pauper’s funerals’, says Frank Field.

Bereavement Benefits Can Be Paid Even If Couple Were Not Married, Court Rules

Victory for mother of four children in Northern Ireland, if upheld on appeal, could add millions to DWP’s benefit bill across the UK.

PM Says ‘No Conflict’ Between Fighting Poverty And Cutting Benefits

David Cameron sets out plan to improve life chances of the ‘left behind’, insisting strategy compatible with welfare cuts.

David Cameron: Parents Should Be Taught How To Control Children

Cameron says: "Families are the best anti-poverty measure ever invented. They are a welfare, education and counselling system all wrapped up into one."

Obesity Endangers Health Of Women And Babies, Warns UK’s Chief Medical Officer

Sally Davies’ report says children of obese women may develop health problems, and warns pregnancy is not a time to eat for two.

How The Tories Dehumanise Low-Paid Families – Or Should I Say ‘Benefit Units’

Forcing parents on the minimum wage to work more hours is removing their dignity.

Hundreds Of Mental Health Experts Issue Rallying Call Against Austerity

400 counsellors, psychotherapists and others sign letter saying ‘society thrown completely off balance’ by ‘emotional toxicity of neoliberal thinking’.

Long-Term Food Bank Users Risk Nutritional Problems

Researchers say reliance on processed food usually provided by food banks is unlikely to result in a balanced diet.

Women To Be Hit Hardest By Tax-Credit And Benefits Freeze – Study

Figures show more than 75% of estimated savings will come from women under cuts planned by Tories if they win election




DWP underpaid benefits to 70,000 sick and disabled people, say auditors

DWP face an extra bill of up to £830 million in backdated Employment and Support Allowance payments.

Employment grant for disabled people to rise by £15k, but is it enough?

Critics argue £57k cap on 'Access To Work' scheme should be lifted completely.

Grieving daughter handed her mother’s ashes to benefits assessor to prove she wasn’t ‘fit for work’

Inexcusable and heartless blunder by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Scrap ‘highly regressive’ council tax, says thinktank

Resolution Foundation says levy now resembles much maligned poll tax and should be replaced with more progressive system.

Tory welfare cuts ‘£3bn deeper than expected’

New figures reveal the freeze on working age benefits will erode household incomes much more deeply than originally forecast.

Corbyn urged to win votes by pledging £10bn more on care for disabled elderly

Fabian Society research identifies shortfall in funding for 1.2 million older people.