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Letters: Council withdraws proposal to fine homeless £1,000 for using tents

Homeless people in Stoke still face swingeing cuts to vital support services.

Victory for campaigners as council withdraws supported living cuts

Rochdale Council proposed changes to the way it provides care and accommodation for vulnerable and disabled adults.

We call on the Labour Party to pledge to end homelessness

Open letter calls on the Labour Party to include a pledge to end homelessness in its 2020 general election manifesto.

Labour Must Work Harder To Defend Disabled People Against Tory Cuts

Letters: Disabled people need the Labour Party to unite and work harder to hold the government to account, a concerned citizen writes.

Letters: Exposing The Myths Behind Unemployment And Social Security

Unemployment figures are cleverly designed to make sure that people don't find out the facts, writes Mark Williams.

Enough Is Enough! The Tory Demonisation Of Benefit Claimants Must Be Stopped

The weak and vulnerable should be cared for and valued as much as the privileged and powerful elite, writes Ms Z. Devi.

This Week On Welfare Weekly – 29 August 2015

This weeks biggest news from Welfare Weekly and others.

Letters: DWP Decision Makers ‘Personally Responsible’ If They Fabricate Evidence

If a DWP Decision Maker knowingly fabricates evidence to present to a Tribunal they would be "personally responsible", says former welfare rights lawyer.

Letters: Politicians Urged To Help Safeguard Benefit Claimants With Mental Illness

Campaigners are deeply concerns over cuts to services and benefit sanctions for people with mental health problems.

Letters: Back To Work Programme Is A ‘Pointless Exercise In Time Wasting’

Unemployed music composer was threatened with a benefit sanction when he described a mandatory work placement as 'pointless'.

Letters: Claiming Benefits When Disabled Is Not A ‘Lifestyle Choice’

Sick and disabled people don't 'choose' to claim benefits, they have no choice - writes Kathy Lamprell.

Letters: ‘We Need A New Form Of Capitalism’

Capitalism is an 'ideology built on a fraudulent premise', writes Stephen Locke.

Letters: Disability Benefit Assessors Have A ‘Lack Of Understanding’

Disability benefit assessors have a 'lack of understanding and support', says claimant.

Letters: Millionaire Landlords Stepping In Where Councils Have Failed

Millionaire landlords receiving housing benefit are stepping in where the council has failed, writes Rupert Chapman.

Campaigners Demand Impact Assessment Into ‘Draconian’ Benefit Cuts

Campaigners have called for a cumulative impact assessment into benefit cuts and the support available to disabled people and carers.

Carers Deserve A Livable Income

Without carers, our NHS and social care systems would collapse. The average carer is saving the nation over £15,260 a year.

Letters: Failure Of The Work And Pensions Select Committee

Benefit claimant 'stitching-up' needs to recognized as a criminally indictable offense, writes Samuel Miller.

Letters: End The Injustice Of Tax Avoidance

If central government were as efficient as local government in collecting taxes then funding problems would be greatly eased, writes Cllr Sam Corcoran.

Letters: Labour Should Rise Above Benefits Tourism Idiocy

Labour could easily rise above the idiocy of the general public on benefits and immigration, writes Martyn Battle (warning: strong language)

Letters: North West Women Paid 17.6% Less Than Men

In the North West women are earning 17.6% less than men an hour, writes Cllr. Sam Corcoran

Letters: Privatisation Threatens Dementia Care In Cheshire

Concerns that privatisation, as an option to be considered by the Council, could lead to a watering down of the terms and conditions for the carers.

Letters: NHS Family Doctor Service Under Threat

Care provided by local GPs who know their patients is being threatened by the latest Conservative top-down reforms to be imposed on the NHS, writes Cllr Sam Corcoran.




Housing associations rake in record profits while only building 597 homes for social rent

Housing associations appear to be moving away from building social housing in favour of more profitable options.

Disabled man had to sleep rough and ‘sofa surf’ because of council faults

Ombudsman says Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead did not act quickly enough to find him suitable accommodation.

DWP win legal case which could “severely curtail” benefit claimant’s human rights

Win could prevent benefit claimants from using the Human Rights Act when challenging cruel benefits decisions at tribunal.

Welfare debate highlights the very worst of Tory ‘callousness’ towards Britain’s poorest

Tories "have their heads firmly in the sand" over the devastating impact of their welfare policies, says SNP MP.

Child Benefit and Tax Credit payment dates over Easter 2018

Some people could receive their benefits up to four days early this Easter - here's what you need to know.

Man missing part of his skull told he’s ‘not disabled enough’ for disability benefits

"You can literally feel my brain and the edges of my skull where it’s been cut off".