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‘Rise in unemployment is further evidence of the Tories’ economic failure’, say Labour

ONS figures show unemployment increased by 46,000 between July to September 2017 and October to December 2017.

Philip Hammond just blamed disabled people for the UK’s productivity crisis

Chancellor appeared to suggest that disabled people were to blame for a productivity crisis in the UK labour market, while giving evidence to the Commons Treasury Committee.

Scotland plans to become the UK’s first ‘living wage nation’

The Scottish Government has outlined plans to increase the number of workers earning the "real living wage".

UK workers £300 worse off thanks to rising inflation and stagnant wages

Real-terms wages for workers in both the private and public sector have fallen by around £300 over the last twelve months, research shows.

Unions warn of a ‘wage crisis’ as real-terms earnings continue to fall

Tories accused of "creating the longest period of falling real-terms pay since the Napoleonic wars".

Zero-hours contracts are ‘bad for your health’, says study

Young people on zero-hours contracts are less likely to be in good health and more likely to suffer mental health problems.

BAME workers ‘forced into low-paid, insecure work’

Black, Asian and minority ethnic workers are over a third more likely than white workers to be in insecure employment, TUC study shows.

Conservatives criticised over job creation ‘failure’

Almost half of jobs created since 2010 have been in London and the South East.

Job Vacancies Fall As Fears Over Brexit Fuel Uncertainty In Britain’s Labour Market

New figures reveal a 7.3% drop in the number of advertised job vacancies since the start of the year.




Tory welfare cuts ‘£3bn deeper than expected’

New figures reveal the freeze on working age benefits will erode household incomes much more deeply than originally forecast.

Corbyn urged to win votes by pledging £10bn more on care for disabled elderly

Fabian Society research identifies shortfall in funding for 1.2 million older people.

Terminally ill to be given priority over benefit underpayments, says McVey

Work and Pensions Secretary vowed to prioritise "any individuals whom we know from our systems to be terminally ill".

Austerity will have cast an extra 1.5m children into poverty by 2021

Lone-parents, disabled children and ethnic minorities will be among worst-hit, says EHRC.

Childcare voucher changes delayed after Commons debate

Government agrees to keep system open for six more months after pressure from Labour.

Reverse universal credit cuts, Iain Duncan Smith tells chancellor

Thinktank says 340,000 people could be taken out of poverty if Philip Hammond takes action.