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Benefit delays leave hundreds of thousands penniless and reliant on foodbanks

DWP failed to meet its own target of processing new benefit claims within ten days on 214,000 occasions last year, new figures show.

May accused of ‘callousness’ over plight of homeless families

Labour MP says prime minister’s defence of using temporary accommodation to house thousands of children is appalling.

New universal credit claimants ‘will get no money before Christmas’

Peabody Trust says 42-day wait means 60,000 households, with over 40,000 children, will receive no income until after festive season.

Tory welfare cuts ‘the driving force’ behind rising food poverty, says SNP

Chancellor Philip Hammond urged to use his Autumn Budget "to reverse seven years of Tory austerity".

Food banks warn of struggle to cope this Christmas due to universal credit

Trussell Trust says six-week wait for first payment of benefit will lead to soaring demand for help from families this winter.

Work and Pensions Committee publishes ‘damning’ Universal Credit evidence

Committee Chair Frank Field MP highlights 'damning' new evidence showing DWP 'maladministration' is driving Universal Credit claimants to food banks.

Universal credit rollout going ahead as planned, David Gauke suggests

Work and pensions secretary hinted there would be no implementation delays during appearance at Tory conference fringe event.

Jacob Rees-Mogg: increased use of food banks is ‘rather uplifting’

Tory grassroots leadership favourite says rise is due to previous Labour government not telling people charities existed.

‘There are children out there starving’, says foodbank

Flaws in the welfare system are leaving children and their families hungry and at risk of starvation, a Cornish foodbank has warned.

‘Austerity causes a lot of suffering’: record number of food banks report stock shortage

Trussell Trust, Britain’s biggest food bank network, says supplies dwindling this summer as welfare sanctions bite.

How Scotland is putting a stop to period poverty

A pilot scheme giving away sanitary products through food banks aims to help low-income women and break down taboos.

Half of children needing summer food bank support are in primary school

Under-fours made up 27% of the children receiving emergency food supplies last July and August, Trussell Trust research shows.

Biggest ever study of food banks warns use likely to increase

Oxford University research finds that poverty and hunger are all too real for a growing number of British people.

Tory candidate: ‘I’m really pleased we have food banks’

Tory candidate Sheryll Murray sparked outrage after declaring she was "pleased we have food banks", at a hustings event.

Report reveals scale of food bank use in the UK

A mapping project by the Independent Food Aid Network found at least 2,000 food banks giving out parcels to those in need, with demand continuing to grow.

Breadline Britain: Welfare cuts push more than 145,000 Scots to food banks

Shocking figure includes almost 50,000 children, as years of Tory austerity leaves poverty-stricken families unable to put food on the table.

Food banks report record demand amid universal credit chaos

Charity calls for immediate reduction in six-week wait for first benefit payment after handing out 1,182,954 emergency parcels.

Poorest UK families struggle to put food on the table, survey finds

One in four low-income households does not eat regularly or healthily because of a lack of money, Food Standards Agency says.

Half of young mums skip meals to feed their children, survey shows

The survey by the Young Women's Trust also reveals that more than a quarter have used a food bank.

Universal credit issues driving tenants into debt, ex-minister admits

Former welfare minister Lord Freud says problems with benefit causing one in four low-income tenants to run up rent arrears.

Universal credit flaws pushing claimants towards debt and eviction

Guardian investigation reveals recipients falling into rent arrears because of payment delays and forced to turn to food banks.

More than 130,000 to be fed by food banks this Christmas – MPs urged to donate

MPs are being urged to donate to the ‘Hope not Hunger’ pop-up food bank when it arrives at Parliament on Wednesday.




Man missing part of his skull told he’s ‘not disabled enough’ for disability benefits

"You can literally feel my brain and the edges of my skull where it’s been cut off".

DWP underpaid benefits to 70,000 sick and disabled people, say auditors

DWP face an extra bill of up to £830 million in backdated Employment and Support Allowance payments.

Employment grant for disabled people to rise by £15k, but is it enough?

Critics argue £57k cap on 'Access To Work' scheme should be lifted completely.

Grieving daughter handed her mother’s ashes to benefits assessor to prove she wasn’t ‘fit for work’

Inexcusable and heartless blunder by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Scrap ‘highly regressive’ council tax, says thinktank

Resolution Foundation says levy now resembles much maligned poll tax and should be replaced with more progressive system.

Tory welfare cuts ‘£3bn deeper than expected’

New figures reveal the freeze on working age benefits will erode household incomes much more deeply than originally forecast.