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Employers tricking workers out of sick pay, says Citizens Advice

The charity helped with 1800 problems related to sick pay and sick leave in February 2016.

Doorstep lender harassed elderly stroke victim while she was recovering in hospital

Doorstep lenders are taking advantage of vulnerable people and putting them at risk of serious debt problems, warns Citizens Advice.

Number of temporary agency workers soars 29% in just ten years

A new report from Citizens Advice found the number of temporary agency workers has skyrocketed from 230,000 to 297,000.

Taxes and benefit cuts await 1 in 8 people using Tory pension freedoms – report

One in eight people using new pension freedoms have being caught out by unexpected taxes and cuts to benefits, says Citizens Advice.

Three in five pension pot raiders have no plans for future care costs, research shows

Citizens Advice warns people who dip into their pension pot now may later discover they cannot afford future care costs.

Tories must do more to support sick and disabled people into work, says Citizens Advice

Citizens Advice is calling on the government to ensure better support for sick and disabled people to stay in work or find a job.

Citizens Advice Swamped Over ‘Failings In The Benefits System’

Citizen Advice Exeter says it has had to deal with a 43.8% increase in the number of requests for advice over changes to social security benefits.

4.5 Million People In Insecure Employment, Say Citizens Advice

Insecure employment can leave many people struggling to manage household finances or plan for the future, say Citizens Advice.

Citizens Advice Warns Of Shocking 25% Rise In Maternity Discrimination

New figures reveal a 25% rise in the number of expectant mums reporting maternity discrimination in the workplace.

Casual Workers At Risk Of ‘Wage Theft’, Charity Warns

The number of people who contacted Citizens Advice for help with pay and entitlements issues against employers rose by 4% to 67,000 in 2015.

Self Employment Nothing But A Pipe-Dream For Aspiring Young Brits

Less than half of people with aspirations of becoming self-employed are achieving their ambitions, according to new research.

Citizens Advice Cymru Reports 19% Surge In Debt Related Problems

The charity says it helped deal with 125,000 debt related problems in 2014-15, from more than 29,700 people.

‘Rogue’ Landlords Raking In £5.6bn From Unsafe Homes, Says CAB

The CAB also says that £1.3bn of Housing Benefit is spent on dangerous homes that are unfit to live in.

‘Scammers See Pensioners As A Prime Target’, Warns Charity

Older people are swiftly becoming 'prime targets' for pension pot scammers, a leading advice charity has warned.

Council Tax Debt Problems Soar 20% In A Year

Council tax debt has overtaken credit cards as the most common form of debt requiring advice and support, says a leading charity.

Concerns Grow Over Poor Wage Growth As Self Employment Soars

A rise in employment and sharp drop in the number of people out of work has had little effect on the scandal of low wages, the latest figures show. Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Wednesday...

Tribunal Fees Allowing Employers To Get Away With ‘Unlawful Sackings’, Says Charity

Citizens Advice claim that the Employment Tribunal fees are deterring employees from bringing forward legitimate claims against employers.

Devastating Impact Of Welfare Cuts Leaves Households Struggling To Cope

The report - One day at a time - investigated the cumulative impact of welfare reforms in Wales and found that many households were 'struggling to maintain a minimum standard of living'.

14% Increase In Debt Problems Caused By Tax Credit Overpayments, Say CAB

According to the CAB, they dealt with 29,366 problems 'related to' Tax Credit overpayments during the 2013/14 tax year.

Benefit Sanctions Pushing Unemployed Further Away From The World Of Work

Minimum length benefit sanctions are 'setting people up to fail' and pushes unemployed people further away from the world of work, figures released by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) suggest.




DWP underpaid benefits to 70,000 sick and disabled people, say auditors

DWP face an extra bill of up to £830 million in backdated Employment and Support Allowance payments.

Employment grant for disabled people to rise by £15k, but is it enough?

Critics argue £57k cap on 'Access To Work' scheme should be lifted completely.

Grieving daughter handed her mother’s ashes to benefits assessor to prove she wasn’t ‘fit for work’

Inexcusable and heartless blunder by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Scrap ‘highly regressive’ council tax, says thinktank

Resolution Foundation says levy now resembles much maligned poll tax and should be replaced with more progressive system.

Tory welfare cuts ‘£3bn deeper than expected’

New figures reveal the freeze on working age benefits will erode household incomes much more deeply than originally forecast.

Corbyn urged to win votes by pledging £10bn more on care for disabled elderly

Fabian Society research identifies shortfall in funding for 1.2 million older people.