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DWP quietly drop plans for a softer approach to benefit sanctions

Tories claim there isn't enough time in the parliamentary calendar for a change in legislation.

More than a million benefits sanctions imposed on disabled people since 2010

Groundbreaking Demos study reveals ‘culture of disbelief’ about disability among jobcentre staff leads to money being docked.

Former DWP employee ‘sanctioned for going to a funeral’ in fear of eviction

Garreth Forrest saw his benefit payments slashed by more than £500 a month.

PM refuses to apologise over universal credit misery

Theresa May confronted by SNP MP on plight of sanctioned Glasgow woman pushed to the brink of homelessness.

David Gauke claims benefit sanctions help people into work (video)

Work and Pensions Secretary defended the Government's controversial benefit sanctions regime on the BBC's Andrew Marr show.

DWP using benefit sanctions to force claimants into zero hours jobs, Tory minister admits

Tory minister admitted that Universal Credit claimants may be sanctioned if they refuse to take up zero-hours employment opportunities.

Whistleblower says Jobcentre staff are encouraged to be cruel (video)

Former Jobcentre worker reveals culture of cruelty against unemployed people.

Benefit cuts fuel 50% surge in mental illness among unemployed

Welfare cuts 'putting claimants under terrible mental and financial strain', say psychologists.

Jobseekers’ allowance rules suspended for Grenfell Tower tenants

Department for Work and Pensions instructs local job centre to be ‘as flexible as possible’ with those affected by fire.

Disability charity lists ‘ten priorities’ for new Tory minority government

Disability Rights UK call for 'fit for work' tests to be replaced and the abolition of 'bedroom tax', among other demands.

Labour launches disability manifesto pledging to reverse social security cuts

Labour vows to transform the welfare system from one that demonises disabled people to one that supports them.

Benefit sanctions hit one in seven single parents, research shows

'Single parents increasingly feel punished for being unable to juggle seeking work and looking after their children', charity says.

Thousands to protest against ‘cruel and ineffective’ benefit sanctions regime

Campaigners will target more than 80 jobcentres across the UK, as part of a 'national day of action' to stop benefit sanctions.

SNP Conference: Calls to scrap ‘draconian’ benefit sanctions regime

Resolution passed at the SNP Conference calls on the UK Government to scrap the brutal benefit sanctions regime.

Benefit sanctions have ‘increased rates of mental health problems’, experts warn

Tories cruel sanctions regime is damaging people's mental health and causing them to slip into poverty and destitution, experts claim.

DWP accused of misleading the public on benefit sanction numbers

Researcher claims the true number of sanctions imposed on unemployed people is double that reported by the government.

Benefit claimants face poverty at hands of erratic sanctions system

MPs call for review as PAC report finds sanctions are being unevenly applied and are forcing some people into homelessness.

Benefit sanctions are damaging people’s health and must be suspended, say psychologists

Psychologists say sanctions regime is "undermining mental health and wellbeing" and causing destitution, hardship, and widespread anxiety.

Tens of thousands of disabled people hit by cruel benefit sanctions, DWP figures show

More than 71,000 sanctions were applied against disabled ESA claimants between 3 December 2012 and 30 September 2016.

Tories must halt ‘devastating’ disability benefit cuts

Mhairi Black MP: Tories must must pay attention to cross-party calls for £30 a week ESA cut to be halted until additional support is introduced.

Disabled jobseekers three-times more likely to be sanctioned than to find work

A disabled person on the DWP’s Work Programme is three times as likely to be sanctioned as to find a job, evidence suggests.

SNP MP vows to keep fighting ‘brutal’ benefit sanctions regime

Mhairi Black has vowed to be “a thorn in the side” of the UK Government over the “horrific and unfair” benefit sanctions regime.




Employment grant for disabled people to rise by £15k, but is it enough?

Critics argue £57k cap on 'Access To Work' scheme should be lifted completely.

Grieving daughter handed her mother’s ashes to benefits assessor to prove she wasn’t ‘fit for work’

Inexcusable and heartless blunder by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Scrap ‘highly regressive’ council tax, says thinktank

Resolution Foundation says levy now resembles much maligned poll tax and should be replaced with more progressive system.

Tory welfare cuts ‘£3bn deeper than expected’

New figures reveal the freeze on working age benefits will erode household incomes much more deeply than originally forecast.

Corbyn urged to win votes by pledging £10bn more on care for disabled elderly

Fabian Society research identifies shortfall in funding for 1.2 million older people.

Terminally ill to be given priority over benefit underpayments, says McVey

Work and Pensions Secretary vowed to prioritise "any individuals whom we know from our systems to be terminally ill".