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Thousands of Scottish children at risk of poverty and homelessness thanks to Tory benefits cap

Scottish Green Party call on the Scottish Government to help mitigate the devastating effects of the lower benefits cap on children in Scotland.

Only 1 in 6 people hit by ‘cruel’ Tory benefit cap claim Jobseeker’s Allowance

Number of households sucked into the benefit cap has rocketed by 214%, DWP figures show.

Benefit Cap: Tories must ‘listen to the High Court’s judgement’, say Labour

DWP figures show that thousands of households affected by the benefit cap are single-parent families with young children.

MP urges DWP to drop its ‘truly shocking’ benefits cap appeal

DWP minister admitted that the appeal could cost up to £40,000.

Benefit cap on lone parents of under-twos is unlawful, court rules

Policy has caused ‘real misery to no good purpose’ as parents of children under two do not qualify for free childcare.

Tory benefit cap forcing women to consider terminating pregnancies

Work and Pensions Committee also says the new lower cap is failing in its objective to encourage people into work.

Damian Green grilled by MSPs over devolution of social security powers

MPs and MSPs have taken part in a joint session to discuss the devolution of social security powers to Scotland.

Damian Green says government’s benefits cap is a ‘real success’

Work and pensions secretary hails cap, set to be lowered at a cost for 88,000 families of an average of more than £2,000 a year.

Brutal reality of lower benefit cap hits home for struggling families

Tens of thousands more UK households will see their benefits capped on Monday despite little proof it grows employment.

94% of households hit by Benefit Cap include children – and it’s about to get worse

The charity Gingerbread says the new lower benefit cap will be particularly painful for single parents.

Benefit cap will hit 116,000 of poorest families, say experts

Households facing loss of income include nearly 320,000 children, according to housing body.

The benefit cap, phrenology and the new Conservative character divination

Tories continue to believe the poor are to blame for "broken Britain", rather than their own disastrous decision-making.

Tories should exempt ESA claimants from the benefit cap, says disability charity

Disability Rights UK says including ESA WRAG claimants in benefits cap, and reducing eligibility for disability benefits, will "just drive disabled people into greater poverty"

Poorer Children Disproportionately Affected By Austerity Measures, Says UN

UN committee calls on ministers to act as it says benefit cap and tax credit cuts are undermining children’s rights to adequate standard of living.

Docking Welfare Payments Is Not Incentive To Work, Report Claims

Government-backed employment project found benefit cuts that push claimants further into poverty also create barriers to finding work.

Thousands Hit By Housing Benefit Cap – Statistics

20,200 UK households had their housing benefit capped at February 2016, a decrease of 4% on the previous quarter.

Welfare Reform Bill Will Make Poor People Even Poorer, Say Churches

The UK Government's Welfare Reform and Work Bill will make some of poorest families in Britain even poorer, a coalition of major Churches has warned.

Kinship Carers At Risk Of Poverty And Debt Due To Welfare Cuts, Says Charity

Adults who bring up child relatives, saving the state billions in care costs, are threatened by tax credit cuts and benefit cap, says Family Rights Group.

Housing Benefit Axe Could Push 1,000 Vulnerable Young Scots Into Homelessness

George Osborne's plan to axe housing benefit for 18-21 years old could have a "catastrophic" impact on young people in Scotland, a charity has warned.

Benefit Cuts To Hit Huge Number Of Children, Government Figures Show

Study identifies more than 330,000 youngsters who will lose out in policy that will take £300m out of pockets of affected families in first full year.

Osborne Announces Cut In Benefits Cap To £20,000 A Year Outside London

Chancellor says £23,000 figure in manifesto only applies in Greater London as he launches further attacks on BBC during interview about welfare savings.

Tories Agree £12bn Welfare Cuts – Sky News

Lowering the benefit cap and cuts to housing benefit and tax credits, appear to be the main focus for £12bn in welfare reductions.




Employment grant for disabled people to rise by £15k, but is it enough?

Critics argue £57k cap on 'Access To Work' scheme should be lifted completely.

Grieving daughter handed her mother’s ashes to benefits assessor to prove she wasn’t ‘fit for work’

Inexcusable and heartless blunder by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Scrap ‘highly regressive’ council tax, says thinktank

Resolution Foundation says levy now resembles much maligned poll tax and should be replaced with more progressive system.

Tory welfare cuts ‘£3bn deeper than expected’

New figures reveal the freeze on working age benefits will erode household incomes much more deeply than originally forecast.

Corbyn urged to win votes by pledging £10bn more on care for disabled elderly

Fabian Society research identifies shortfall in funding for 1.2 million older people.

Terminally ill to be given priority over benefit underpayments, says McVey

Work and Pensions Secretary vowed to prioritise "any individuals whom we know from our systems to be terminally ill".