Scotland wins battle to end voluntary work programme sanctions

Holyrood can exempt Scots taking part from having benefits stopped or cut thanks to newly devolved welfare powers.

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  1. ‘….Green wrote: “DWP does, however, remain interested to see how the Scottish government will achieve delivery of an effective system which both secures value for money, and provides successful outcomes for those at risk of long-term unemployment, where engagement is on a purely voluntary basis.”…’

    Notice how Green – like a typical Tory – prioritises money over the outcomes for human beings. Like all Tories they want it on the cheap and to be persecute. The Tories want to be cruel and do it cut price. Voluntary participation should NOT be subject to Sanctions. Just shows that Scotland is more civilised than England.

    1. I read that the word Tory means thief or bandit in Gaelic, never were a group of people more appropriately named.
      At some point people are going crack and victims are going to stop being victims and there will be a hell of a backlash.