Figures released by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) show how government initiatives have failed to help sufficient numbers of sick and disabled people into work.

The figures show that unemployment rates among those with debilitating health conditions and disabilities remains stubbornly high.

People with learning difficulties are less likely to be in work than any other group (just 10%) and only around 14 % of those suffering from mental illnesses like phobias and panic disorders have a job.

The employment rate among people with anxiety and/or depressions sits at a lowly 33%, according to government figures.

At the other end of the scale, 61% of people with diabetes have a job and 58% of those with severe disfigurements, skin conditions, allergies and heart and/or lung problems are in work.

Of those disabled people in work, the majority are in areas such as teaching, childcare, nursing,  finance and secretarial roles and are less likely to be engineers, electricians, artists or police officers.

employment rate by impairment

The freedom of information which revealed the shocking low employment rates (pdf) also revealed that of 1,824 disabled people made redundant by Remploy who gave their permission to ‘tracked’, only 967 have so far found a job.

The DWP’s figures only include ex-Remploy workers who found work lasting more than 16 hours a week. The department has admitted that it does not know whether those jobs are (were) permanent or temporary.



    • at the beginning of this year she was on television,wittering on about disabled who lost jobs with remploy. There was a gentleman on who had been made redundant due to the government shutting down remploy where he worked in admin. He was disabled,Esther Mcvey kept spouting on about a tailored,personilised package fpr this man,t enable him to get a job. He said he knew it was unlikely that would happen. The tv presenter said about having them both back on the programme in 6 months to see where he was at. The disabled man said he would come back on with Mcvey,as far as I know they have never been back on. She was patronising ,and didnt give the poor man a chance to speak,repeating this drivel repeatedly.

  1. 'The DWP’s figures only include ex-Remploy workers who found work lasting more than 16 hours a day'.

    Should that not be week?

  2. As a sick/disabled person myself I recognize how demoralizing this is. The bottom line is that given that there are 2.2 mil out of work – allegedly – who is going to employ a disabled person when there are so many able bodied ones

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