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  1. Thing is, for anyone in the coalition to come out now and say Bedroom tax is "totally" wrong, will be admitting they were at fault for the suffering and dying caused by this government.
    The challenges for compensation, for those who suffered, the families of those who died, those made homeless, and those moved 100s of miles away, will open the floodgate for the ATOS & DWP cases too.
    That is a whopping compensation bill that will have to be paid even if under a Labour government.

    Is this why The Lib-Dems only partly condemn the Bedroom Tax, and Labour refuse to talk about or admit the 1000s dead since 2010/2011, because it will cost far too much to compensate for? And will make Whoever is in power look financially inept as the spiralling cost of it all eats into the treasury's budgets. Any legal minds out there

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