MP Calls On DWP To Drop ‘Fit For Work’ Ruling Of Man Missing Part Of His Head

Kenny Bailey, from East Barnsley, has suffered with severe skull damage and partial paralysis since a major stroke in 2014.

Labour MP Michael Dugher has called on the Work and Pensions Secretary, Stephen Crabb, to “intervene personally” in the “outrageous” case of a stroke victim who has been stripped of vital sickness benefits, despite missing part of his head.

Mr Kenny Bailey, from East Barnsley, has suffered with severe skull damage and partial paralysis on his left side since a major stroke in 2014.

Despite being left with serious injuries, mobility problems and a limp, Mr Bailey was declared “fit for work” by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) following an assessment for Employment and Support Allowance (ESA).

The decision means that Mr Bailey has lost £156 per fortnight in crucial benefits, which he says has left him struggling to buy food and pay household bills.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, Mr Bailey said: “I want to work, but I’m physically incapable. I’d love to live a normal life again- there’s nothing would make me happier.

“I have some use in my right hand and that’s about it. I can’t play with my own daughter which absolutely breaks my heart.

“The money is used to pay my bills and buy my food. Now I am worried I won’t be able to survive and will lose my home.

“Because I can use my right side, they are saying I am fit for work. I cannot use my left side, my left arm, I have got a bad limp and I cannot concentrate.”

Mr Bailey’s shocking case has now been taken up by his local MP, Michael Dugher, who has written to Stephen Crabb (Secretary of State for Work and Pensions) urging him to personally intervene and reverse the cruel decision.

Michael Dugher Letter to Stephen Crabb

Commenting on the letter, Mr Dugher said: “I was quite frankly appalled to learn that the Department for Work and Pensions is cutting support for my constituent Mr Bailey, who is doing the best he can to cope with the terrible life-changing injuries he sustained in 2014.

“Mr Bailey clearly suffers from severe mobility and other health issues as a result of his stroke and it is outrageous that the Government have declared him ‘fit for work’ and removed his Employment and Support Allowance.

“The Department for Work and pensions need to urgently reverse this decision and restore Mr Bailey’s Employment and Support Allowance.

“I have taken this matter up directly with the Secretary of State at the Department and I will fight this unfair and unjust decision through Mr Bailey’s appeal process.”