The government’s ‘Help To Work’ scheme comes into effect from Monday 28th April.

Under the new scheme, the long-term unemployed will be expected to undertake strict new requirements – such as community work experience placements or visiting their local JobCentre to ‘sign on every day’ – or risk losing their benefits for a set period of time.

Some charities are refusing to take part in the new scheme and critics argue that it amounts to ‘unpaid forced labour’ due to the threat of benefit sanctions.

Video courtesy of Channel 4 News.



  1. Not a single report I have seen on this issue reports on how people are going to be able to afford to get to a Job Centre every day and if the government is proposing to pay fares for this activity. Not that I sign on myself but my nearest JC is a twenty mile round trip @ £6.80 a time. Is the government going to pay these fares so that people can "sign on" when they could do this on-line. It seems like a great waste of time and effort.

  2. By not signing the claimant commitment, it may be a spanner in the work for this complete waste of time. If I am volunteering every day for 30 hours a week for 6 months, how can I possibly apply for all the jobs I feel that I am able to do ? On average I get an interview from evet 8 jobs I apply for and it takes me 5 hours to complete an application form at least. There is no way I can physically or mentally do this.

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