Face-To-Face ‘Fit For Work’ Interviews Could Be Scrapped

Humiliating and demoralising face-to-face ‘fit for work’ assessment interviews, known as the Work Capability Assessment (WCA), could be scrapped following a report by experts which blamed the controversial tests for delays in processing benefit claims.

It is understood that the Department for Work and Pensions is exploring the possibility of replacing the WCA with a streamlined system, based upon written medical evidence acquired from claimants, their GP’s and consultants.

Critics of the face-to-face interviews argue that scrapping the WCA would lead to a speeding up of the process, fairer outcomes for sick and disabled people and savings for taxpayers, due to less appeals being lodged against negative decisions.

At long last, it now appears as if the DWP may agree. A spokesperson for the department told the Daily Record:

“Expediting the process will reduce the uncertainty faced by claimants, improve outcomes for those not eligible for employment and support allowance and reduce the consequent burden on taxpayers.”

The move comes after private firm Atos withdrew from a £500 million contract with the DWP, forcing the government to seek a new provider. The DWP continue to insist that the contract was terminated by the government.

Labour MP Tom Greatrex said:

“The WCA process hasn’t worked for years and the Government have failed to address it.

“The experience is demeaning, causes anxiety and 40 per cent of the tests are overturned on appeal which demonstrates it’s not fair or accurate.”

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Daily Record: Back to work interviews to be scrapped after experts blast the demeaning assessments as a waste of time

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Andy Black Forest

I really hope so, then if so we can start to look into the prosecution of ATOS under Iain Duncan Smith for manslaughter, even though his reforms have been more like genocide…

jeffrey davies
jeffrey davies

are we going back to the days that a doctor said you aint fit to work after rtu ids wasted billions on this scheme and lost thousands of people who died isn't it time he stood trial for this


you mean go back to the original way of doing things??? jeezzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Wait… thats how it has always been done before atos and ids screwed it up!!! It actually works quite well! FFS… please let this be true…


they will never try ian duncan smith for anything they will just give him a bigger house and a fat pay out,thats how it works,meanwhile all the peaple who have killed themselves will just be swept under the carpet.