Editorial: Lib Dems Blame Labour For ‘Bedroom Tax’ Misery – Have I Missed Something?

Rather than accept responsibility for the hardship, stress and anxiety caused by the hated ‘bedroom tax’ the Liberal Democrats have instead chosen to the blame the Labour Party.

In a blog posted on their national website, the Lib Dems claim that “Labour councils chose to punish their residents to score political points” in a deliberate attempt to scupper the housing policy.

What EXACTLY the party means when it accuses Labour councils of punishing its own residents is unclear. But the sheer audacity and ignorance shown by the Lib Dems will anger all of those who have experienced financial hardship, lost loved-ones, or who have been forced out of their family home as a result of vicious cuts to vital housing support. A policy which is more in-line with totalitarian states and communist China than a so-called civil and democratic western country.

The two-faced attitude of the Liberal Democrats is abundantly clear. They joined forced with Labour to defeat the Tories in a vote calling for exemptions for anyone who is unable to downsize. This is then followed by a blog blaming Labour for the misery caused to social housing tenants and opposing a welfare cut the Lib Dems originally voted for and describe as “our scheme”.

Not a single Lib Dem MP voted against the ‘bedroom tax’ in February 2013.

If the Liberal Democrats are going to be two-faced about anything it should be by cutting the leash attached between them and their Tory buddies.

In the interest of balance the Lib Dems admit “we were concerned about the implementation”. However, that did not prevent the coalition lap-dog from supporting, or should I say rolling over for their Tory masters in supporting and introducing the vicious policy.

The ‘bedroom tax’ has undoubtedly wrecked a number of lives and caused hardship and misery to countless more. So much so that some of its victims have tragically taken to ending their own lives, rather than trying to pay an unaffordable ‘tax’. And it is a tax in my view.

If the Liberal Democrats had just an ounce of respect for the people whose lives they have thrown into turmoil, they would admit the ‘bedroom tax’ is wrong and work with Labour, and other political parties, to end this disgraceful policy once and for all. Unfortunately it appear as if they are more worried about losing face than the shocking impact of the ‘bedroom tax’ on some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in our society. Is it any wonder that so many Scots want out of the UK?



  1. Totally agree with what you say. What is breath-taking is that the Lib Dems did not even have the balls to implement their own policy. Instead they "wiped out arrears if tenants were willing to move". They have tried to palm this off as "concerned implementation" but it is the opposite. The tenants who struggled to pay their rent have had their money taken, no questions asked about how they coped, whether they went without food or heating, relied on charities or relatives, or got into debt. Those tenants who failed to pay their rent have been bailed out with council tax payers' money. Whilst I agree wholeheartedly with not collecting bedroom tax at all, to "implement" the policy in this manner was grossly unfair, causing huge distress to conscientious tenants and rewarding those who ran up arrears.
    That the Lib Dems think they can get away with this really shows the level our politics has sunk to. Perhaps we should bring back Marie Antoinette? "Let them eat cake" shows a better attitude to the peasantry than "let them use food-banks".

  2. The Tories brought in the Bedroom Tax as social engineering and to save money by making the least wealthy pay up to 25% of their benefits directly to the councils. They did it knowing that there were no smaller properties to move to because Maggie sold them all off. If some did move into private accomodation, Tory-voting landlords made huge profits. In other words it was win/win all the way for the Tories. The LibDems went along with it because, alone, they had NO chance of ever getting into government. Watching them try to rewrite history now is like watching the breathtaking lies that the Tea Party and the Republicans in the USA pump out every day through the right-wing media. Looks like all the right-wingers are all using the same playbook now. Lie until the people believe it.

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