1. How many of Harrington’s recommendations were taken up? None? This as then is just a PR exercise with no intent on changing, it’s meant to be this difficult, to put claimants off.

  2. ATOS, Maximus and Capita are getting millions of tax payers money to deny genuinely disabled and sick people the financial support they need and deserve by lying, omitting information and not taking paperwork presented to them and so forth. Training that is seriously outdated and obviously biased and does not reflect current medical consensus, therefore harmful and biasing the outcome of assessments. An assessment that is not fit for purpose and does not come close to assessing a person’s abilities and how their illness and/or disability affects them. Nurses, occupational therapists and the like selling their soles for a bit of £ with NO care or concern for the the sick and/or disabled person who they are willing to deceive, knowing that their life line £ will be removed or given at a lower level then they really do qualify for and they depend on. This is not brain science, it takes a little knowledge, consultant input, a diagnosis and some common sense and a little compassion! But as it has been purposely set up to deny the help and support our most vulnerable need and deserve to hand over £££££££££ to companies that have NO sole and I would not be surprised at backhanders to those who give them the contracts and so much £ for incompetence to begin with, they will be in no hurry to put it right, it’s to lucrative a set up!

  3. Hubby forced to apply for PiP after 17 yr on DLA. Obviously he got NO POINTS…and according to assessor his PTSD was ‘resolved’ April this year! His psychiatrist is going ape shit…years of wok got destroyed in one 2 page letter! They never contacted Psych, they ignored his medications & monthly psychiatric appointments. Because no DX of his Blackouts she said he wasn’t having them, because he drove the car to assessment he can walk 200 mtre!!