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  1. This is horrendous news.
    I have been too ill to work for 30 years, and I was forcibly ‘changed over’ from Incapacity benefit to ESA (Support Group) – having to win one Appeal in which ATOS was clearly seen to have lied to the DWP in the process. ATOS had actually deleted the comments of their own ATOS Doctor’s report in which she declared that I was unfit for work, was unlikely to recover, and should not be assessed again.
    I was awarded PIP for two years – and then lost it when a Capita Assessor gave me 0 points. At Appeal I was awarded 6 points – 2 few to continue on PIP. Their rules had been changed in the interim.
    30 years ago I was paid £125 pw on Incapacity benefit. 30 years later I am still paid exactly the same amount. Has there really been no inflation whatsoever in the intervening 30 years?
    How would you live on £6,500 p.a. for 30 years?
    Now we know that the DWP has been deliberately with-holding payments to the most sick and vulnerable in our society – and keeping it a secret from press, public and claimants.
    How does that fit in with Theresa May’s lying pledges to support the disabled?
    It is time for heads to roll from this callous greedy bloody-handed disgrace of a Government.

    • I went from 35 points on my first work capability assessment and then at my next assessment I’d “miraculously” gone down to 0 points and the only change was that Atos had taken over! I appealed and won but they didn’t put me back on incapacity benefit but on the new ESA at £25 less per week! I’ve had another two assessments since and appealed and won both times but I’m now around £50 a week worse off than I was 7 years ago!

    • The govt wants you to live on bread and water while living in a cardboard box at the side of the road…….

  2. Amazing! They’ve known this for almost a year and we’re just hearing about it now! I wonder if I’ll see any of the cash I may be owed?
    What staggers me is that if it was an “overpayment” they’d have started garnering my ESA by now,just as they’ve done with my housing benefit……I now owe my landlord almost £500 because of mistakes by the DWP in my housing benefit ……odd isn’t it that a mistake in my favour is ignored and needs an enquiry for any of us to find out about it?!

    • Don’t hold your breath that you will EVER see any of that 500 pounds in your lifetime to pay your landlord. Chances are you will be out in the street homeless if DWP has their way. I hate to sound so heartless….The govt makes mistakes ON PURPOSE…….but let’s face it….the govt wants the British population homeless and jobless so they can give away all the jobs and homes/flats to the ME invaders. Just ask the Mayor of London about his nifty agenda…….

  3. my daughter was awarded PIP award up to 2020, then all of a sudden she was reassessed and had the award reduced by £30 a week. I hope now she will get the award she was first given to last up to 2020.

  4. That was no “blunder”. It was a well calculated cutback that they hoped would NEVER be discovered by the folks who should have gotten this money……but they obviously DID GET CAUGHT and now they’ll have to pay the folks their money. The govt has so many ways of chipping away at the benefits of the deserving and giving the money to the UNDESERVING…..

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