Jobcentre Plus.

Jobcentre staff are to target job seekers in ‘unusual locations’, as part of a new ‘blitz’ against Britain’s unemployed people.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) say an ‘army’ of government ‘jobs experts’ will target unemployed people at a number of locations, in a new bid to ‘support’ them back into work.

Specialist jobcentre staff, known as work coaches, will target unemployed people in places such as children’s centres, youth hubs, homeless shelters, and rural work clubs, ‘to offer targeted support to people who need it most’.

DWP say work coaches have already partnered up with a number of professional football clubs including Arsenal, Everton, and Tottenham Hotspur, with schemes designed to build confidence and new skills to prepare unemployed people for work.

Work coaches are also based in prisons across the UK, where future parolees are encouraged – or perhaps coerced – into signing up to Jobseeker’s Allowance and immediately placed on the government’s controversial Work Programme upon release. A practice critics have described as “exploitative”.

It’s unclear as to whether the DWP plan to adopt a similar approach in other locations. However, it’s highly likely people will at least be offered the option of signing up to the Work Programme as part of this new ‘blitz’ on Britain’s unemployed.

Employment Minister Esther McVey said:

“Our hardworking Jobcentre Plus staff have made a huge contribution to Britain’s jobs success this year. By doing things differently, and getting out to where job seekers are, they’re helping thousands into work every day.

“We have broken record after record in 2014 – with huge falls in youth and long-term unemployment and the highest number of women in work on record.

“This new approach is working. What we can see at the end of the year is that our welfare reforms are ensuring that people have the skills and opportunities to move into work.

“But behind these record figures there are countless stories of individual hard work and determination – stories of people turning their lives around, of families who are now feeling more secure over the Christmas period with a regular wage, and of young people escaping unemployment and building a career.”

The Work Programme, dubbed ‘workfare’ by opponents, has come under heavy criticism for helping only a relatively small number of people into work.

Official figures show less than 22% of 18-24 year-olds claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) find work lasting at least six months after 12 months on the scheme, falling to 17.6% for over 25’s.

This falls to 10.3% for sick and disabled people newly claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) who find work lasting at least three months, with some commentators claiming the combined figure for both new and older claims is just 8%.

A recent survey from the charity Mind revealed how the vast majority of people with mental health problems saw their health worsen while on Iain Duncan Smith’s flagship Work Programme.

More: Work Programme Makes Mental Health Problems Worse, Says Charity

According to government figures, the total percentage of Work Programme participants (from all groups) who find work lasting three/six months after 12 months on the scheme is just 14.7%. The vast majority return to job centres and are possibly recycled back on to the scheme at a later date – a Work Programme merry-go-round.


  1. This announcement will be a response to the recent court decision ordering the DWP to make public the names of companies using workfare unpaid staff. Smith is doing his usual trick of keeping bad news (for him) out of the media by making grand announcements, meaningless grand announcements as you can’t prepare people for work which isn’t there.

    • They are very keen to use private companies for everything they are possibly can.

  2. i cant believe what i have read after all the appeals on tv for donations to the staving and homeless people in the uk it must be xmas their living in fantasy land

  3. All the language from the DWP reads as though it’s not an exercise in
    intimidation and bullying – ‘work coaches’ putting people straight on
    unpaid work placements? How is that going to help someone get back on
    their feet? And McVey claiming ‘record’ youth employment when most new
    jobs are temporary, part time and zero hour placements, as well as so
    called ‘apprenticeship’ schemes that pay half minimum wage. Hardly the
    ‘jobs miracle’ the Tories are claiming….

    • At least most under 25s have a hope of getting a job. Certainly in my part of the country, if you are under 25 and disabled like me, you have no hope of getting a job right now!

  4. As someone who is currently on benefits due to multiple disabilities, both the nature of work I can do and the number of hours I can do are very limited. I could of course go to the job centre, but I don’t, for the very simple reason tht I have too many disabled friends who have been treated so poorly already!

  5. They’re not helping thousands into work every day, they’re getting thousands off the unemployment records every day. There’s a difference.

    • There is a massive failure rate – i.e. individuals with severe health (physical/mental) problems may fail to turn up or get sent home with drug/drunken/aggressive behavior – often having had no food to eat. They then get sanctioned for at least 13 weeks – so have no money ‘at all’ to pay for hostel etc and can end up on the street homeless. Then likely in prison.

      So IDS’ workfare-2-sanction scheme saves taxpayers £3,000 p.a. but costs £100,000+ p.a with workfare scheme/prison/police/court/hospital costs for these ‘targeted’ individuals with physical/mental health issues.

      It would be far cheaper to offer carrots not sticks – so for example – most evening courses cost far less than £2000 p.a. It’s better to have someone enrolled into the education system – so the money helps local university/college – than pay a massive fee to a workfare provider offering ‘lego-building’ training or very poor IT access – probably worse than a public library. They have far less than a 14% job success rate and you pay out thousands of pounds to the scheme provider and tax allowances to employers – to get someone who could be a PHD with a drink problem – stacking shelves for 13 weeks and then back on JSA.

    • are people want jobs proper jobs like they send to other countrys so are people dont get a chance but there ready to let ares work for northing called ethnic cleansing this amounts to martin pritchard your so right then people think ho lotes of jobs out there . but dont tell them that are people working for northing not even proper job no insentive to work left on scap heap while they jugel the figures..

  6. The only time we have unemployment is when there are very few jobs, create the jobs and unemployment will decrease. Few people would choose the lifestyle of being unemployed, they are forced into this by failed successive governments that have pandered to their corporate masters agenda. The unemployed demand the right to real jobs, not cruel sanctions dealt out by a failed system, administered by weak governments.

  7. Every place on these schemes has the potential to have someone laid off. Workfare creates unemployment.

  8. Its the parole twist that got me…who aint going to sign up for this bullshit to get your freedom..They all about creating an underclass that got no address and therefore no banking capabilities. Without these you really do become anonymous.

  9. If we introduce Unconditional Basic Income ( UBI ) much of the DWP could be closed down. And it would save money overall and leave people free to do real life-enhancing activities like studying, caring, childcare, art, science, and starting their own businesses.

    • That would be good for us, they will never do it. If it profits big business or allows the creation of more managerial posts for the public sector, it’s a given, but those who aren’t driven by greed dont matter to the government.

  10. This story has grammatical errors, let me correct it. “Once upon a time” and “they all lived happily ever after” should make it right.

    Tommaz Jay
    Still pi****g myself laughing at every new con-dem new lie.

  11. How can McVeigh say those things with a straight face? Even the DWP admit that 60 people have died as a direct result of having their payments stopped – are they keeping the information from her, or does she just not think it’s important?

    • Ester “Queen of the Dead” McVile, counts each death as a success, job done, less benefits paid out.

    • They do not understand that fact or more than likely are programmed to be deaf to it.

  12. We have a crowded island, full of foreigners willing to work for next to nothing, an economy based on the service sector, and all of the companies that operate here care for nothing but profits.
    What kind of situation is this?
    Our government sells of profitable and useful nationalised industries, the last one sold off all of our gold and encouraged the destabilisation of our society through mass immigration. The current one is run by people who actively pray on those who are down on their luck, while destroying our greenbelt land, selling national resources, using taxpayers money to fund wars to secure the overseas interests of America and israel. My question is, where is the opposition?
    UKIP? A bunch of global capitalists who think the country should be run as if it were a corporation. The Greens? Who support mass immigration that destroys our greenery through overcrowding.
    The Communists seem to bark the line spouted by the mainstream press about rights for weird deviant groups, while pretending to care about the poor.
    The only solution is a National Revolution, it has to be National, of the nation. The country must be run for the benefit from the people who are bound here by blood, not internationalists who only wish to exploit this land and it’s people, force them to compete with workers who undercut them and an economy reliant on debt. Have an economy based on work output, an unemployment plan that gives the unemployed work that advances the nation. It’s been done before and it can be done here too.

    • Hi Egor, Its a bankrupt situation weve got, being propped up by low interest rates and a governmant hood winkin the tax payer into thinking all is good,look at how much your house is worth.Its just that might have a problem selling,and keeping paying the mortgage.You are totally right,global capitalists sums the uk up.

  13. Reminds me of someone I know that had to build paper towers in these stupid sessions, imagine how demeaning this was to someone (age 50) that once had their own business and has worked most of their life. Believe it or not she was sent on training session on computers (even though she’s computer literate).
    When she was showing a man sitting next to her how to use the computer, as there was no one to help him – she was told to help the others!!!! When she refused: she was threatened with a sanction, my friend said: “You are supposed to be teaching me computer literacy and you want me to teach others?”
    The “tutor” threatened her with a sanction if she didn’t help, so she replied: “Pay me a wage and I will teach the others how to use the computer otherwise you teach me.”
    When the tutor reiterated the threat of sanction, she said: “Sanction me and I’m coming after you with a law suite – even if I have got to sell my house & everything I own to pay for it!” She went on to say that she told the JCP she was computer literate & even word-processed her CV!
    Suffice to say: she wasn’t sanctioned!

    • There are a lot of instances of this going on across the country.IDS and Mc’v have no real constructive idea what to do with the unemployed as do none of the other’s waiting in the wings to fill their own bank accounts.Its simple economics.They spent billions in bailing out the bankers instead of training people with 21st century skills or even build houses.Now we will all pay for this, and quite handsomely, for the next 10years +.Anyone living in a bubble thinking their job is safe under these economic conditions may have a serious wake up call coming to them over the next 2 years.Happy new year to everyone in the real world.

  14. I have quite severe mental health problems and fortunate to be on ESA at the moment but a year or so ago I had to pop into the job centre to ask for proof of benefit so I could get a refund for dental costs.

    I wanted to use the phones there because I can’t ring 08 numbers from my home phone ad I rack up a big bill. When I told them I had a phone at home, they refused to let me use the phones. When I tried to use them anyway, the security guards started threatening me. The whole thing escalated as I lost it and started shouting at them. They then threatened to call the police but luckily one member of staff was quite calm, diffused the situation and got me to leave the building. Sadltly though once out of the building having exaplined the situation, I was refused reentry and told to try the next job centre (10 miles away).

  15. How is the DWP going to manage more staff when the Country is broke anyway, you can’t magic wages from nowhere

    • Yes you can! What you do is reduce the 40p tax rate to 35p and increase the lowest rate to 30p.

    • Marcus Hazel-McGown You can magic up wages if your a government. Its called Quantitative easing, they just print money for printing sake. they have done it every year since 2008 and the public buy into it each time they do it. just because the pound loses value every time the do it doesn’t stop them doing it,.

  16. Specialist jobcentre staff, known as work coaches, will target
    unemployed people in places such as children’s centres, youth hubs,
    homeless shelters, and rural work clubs, ‘to offer targeted support to
    people who need it most’. then sanctioned no monies whot whot this corrupt lot were are these jobs you bet you cant find em any isnt about sanctions another blitz on the those who dont need this targeting jeff3

  17. This lot are seriously deluded,

    ““We have broken record after record in 2014 – with huge falls in youth
    and long-term unemployment and the highest number of women in work on

    They forgot to add a massive creation of low paid go nowhere fast short term agency zero hour contract jobs.Its called taking the piss out of the “Hard working tax payer”.lol

  18. Work coaches are to be based in Prison. Prisoners will soon find out they are better off in Prison then facing Sanctions and a life of trips to food banks. At least in Prison you get hot meals and a warm place to sleep unlike in the Tory Big society where benefit claimants are stripped of benefits and told to go hungry and cold or humiliate themselves by going to food banks. The Work coaches are anything but coaches they are employees of Private company’s who are run by the political classes donors and their only real purpose is to increase the company profit margin.

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