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  1. 2018 isn't good enough – it's too far away & too long to wait. 'Re-designing' the WCA isn't good enough, either. The WCA should simply be SCRAPPED, full stop. The ESA was bad news right from the very beginning. The Blair Government should never have introduced it. The Welfare Reform Acts 2007 & 2012 should be repealed, and we should bring back IB.

  2. Anything that the retard IDS touches is bound to failure – he is an absolute incompetant and should be retired – or shot!

  3. i was deeply worried when earlier this year my income support or incapascity benefits (not sure of the diffence and what i was getting) were due to change to esa however though the appointment itsself was distressing i came out of it £25 a week better off after being switched to eesa (or that is how it appears on bank statement) so i cant complain however i do think more thought should of gone into this prosess before it started you cant have disabled people (real or undiscovered fakes) going without food because you havent but the thought and effort into making sure evey dark corner of health had been covered by the assesment!!!

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