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  1. “They are professional trained people. They care about the job they do. They are doing a very good job of applying the legislation the government has laid out and despite that they are being vilified for it,” she said. yes nurses around 20 days doctors less but highly trained they aint atos couldn't tell the truth if it wanted to so use to telling lies
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Claimants “read the media stories, they listen to the public rhetoric … they might come into that assessment feeling that the assessor they are going to see is someone who will treat them with contempt, who can’t be trusted, who isn’t trained”, she said.
    no they been so atos doors many times and now the hcp will tell lies it these damed lies that win back their benefits ouch atos

    Atos, the private company quitting its contract to provide assessments for disability claimants, warned that its successor will fare just as badly unless the government improves the system it has to run.

    yet they took it upon themselves to train their hcp to lie and show that theres nothing wrong with claimant atos tell the truth never 
    Atos chiefs complained that it and its staff had suffered a public “vilification” simply for carrying out what was asked of it by ministers and suggested other companies would find it hard to recruit staff unless changes were made.

    well we done a foi asking different police forces about these claims atos made about their hcp being abused or attacked well we now in south wales zilch were reported and other police forces had sais similar abused yes it must be that cry wolf again
    has for getting hcp who infact will work for them when the truth is told they are just helping dwp to take away your benefits yet atos in all this have been well rewarded with other contracts which they abuse this also  but medical records Unum comes to mind in this having your medical record to see how much they can fleece one but be warned that nhs have now a a company called salus who will be assessing the one for the pip but least one forgets atos is paying them to do this then they salus send their pip reports to atos to once again cook the books but this time salus will get the blame how devious is this  jeff3

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