Diabetic man left too poor to eat after benefits cut forced to have leg amputated

David says he couldn't afford to manage his condition after being sanctioned for five months by the DWP.

A diabetic man left virtually penniless after being sanctioned for five months by the Department for Work and Pensions, claims his leg had to be amputated after his health deteriorated.

David Boyce, 59, from Weaste, was left without enough money to meet his basic health needs and even had to sell his belongings. But David says he still couldn’t afford to eat healthily, which is an essential part of the management and treatment for diabetes.

David was a photographer who used to own a business, but was forced to give up his work because of ill-health. A dispute with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) over “issues with paperwork” led to David’s benefits being sanctioned fourteen times.

However, it’s clear that the sanctions happened because of a flawed decision-making process on the part of the DWP, as he later won an appeal which successfully overturned every sanction, with support from Salford’s Unemployed and Community Resource Centre. He was eventually awarded the money that had been wrongfully withheld from him.

The government have claimed that benefit sanctions are an “incentive” to “help” people like David into work. However, David has been pushed even further away from the job market, because he now has been left with a greater degree of disability: horrifically, the sanctions have cost him his leg.

David said that by July, complications from diabetes had already caused irreversible damage. His health deteriorated because he had no money to live on: he couldn’t control his insulin intake and was unable to follow his strict diabetic diet.

Subsequently he suffered diabetic ulcers and was diagnosed with the flesh-eating infection, necrotizing fasciitis, and doctors were forced to amputate one of his legs.

He told the Manchester Evening News: “I suffered from depression and mental anxiety. I’m not a rich man. I had to sell everything to eat.

You don’t tell anyone, it’s embarrassing, that’s what they prey on. You go into a depression. You lock yourself away.”

David Boyce’s tragic case was revealed as protesters gathered to demonstrate against the extremely punitive and irrational Jobcentre conditionality rules and welfare sanctions.

Campaigners gathered at Eccles Job Centre this week to protest against the immoral benefits sanctions. They said that scores of people were being left depressed and on the verge of suicide.

David’s horrific experience is not an isolated case, sadly. Many campaigners have reasonably demanded an inquiry since the death of former soldier David Clapson, who also had diabetes. He died of ketoacidosis, caused by a lack of insulin in the body, after being sanctioned for missing a single Job Centre meeting. He was also unable to afford to maintain an electricity supply to keep his fridge running, where he ordinarily safely stored his life-saving insulin.

The government have been presented with many other cases of extreme hardship and suffering because of sanctions, but they simply deny there is any “causal link” between the negative impacts, distress and deaths and their policies, despite the ever-growing and distressing evidence to the contrary.

There is no evidence that there isn’t a “causal link” either. To establish such a link requires an inquiry and further investigation of the already established correlation between the government’s policies and adverse impacts. If the government are so confident that their claim is right, then surely an inquiry would be a welcomed verification.

As it is, the government’s refusal to research and investigate the link is simply oppressive, and their claims fly in the face of established research and longstanding empirical evidence, which shows that punishing people who are already experiencing hardship cannot possibly “incentivise” them to look for work. It’s also clear that if someone cannot meet their basic survival needs (such as the physiological necessities of food, fuel and shelter), then they cannot meet higher level psychosocial needs, including looking for work.

Salford Unemployed and Community Resource Centre manager, Alec McFadden, said the DWP had imposed “unachievable” requirements for those in receipt of benefits.

McFadden added: “Illegal benefit sanctions need to be stopped and we will continue to use the law against these dangerous and illegal actions that bringing stress and the threat of suicide to so many people.”

A DWP spokesman said: “Sanctions are an important part of our benefits system and it is right that there is a system in place for tackling those few who do not fulfil their commitment to find work.

They are only used in a very small percentage of cases, and the number of sanctions has fallen substantially in the last year.”

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margery harper
margery harper

Another disgraceful lack of compliance by the DWP who demand nothing less by others and still withdraw basic human rights. Another life ruined and mentally shattered by uncaring, cowards who are willing to do anything to hold onto their malevolent career paths. Illegal,immoral and the worst human- natured people serve this barbaric system. Rise up against it and protest from the rooftops. May all whose names are on these policies receive punishment and may justice be restored to our society. Complain to your MP’s and make this uncaring Government embarrassed and forced to overturn these sadistic sanction rules.

florrie webster
florrie webster

Iain Duncan Smith said before he resigned, ” why should the government be responsible for disabled and sick people, they should get work and lift themselves out of poverty ” and then the hypocrite resigned citing the disability cuts. That is why jeremy Corbyn or somebody who has the same compassion and empathy must be running the country. get this government out

Keith Francis Farrell
Keith Francis Farrell

The cost of sanctions is horrific. Someone has to be held accountable.
I think it’s time a legal case was made against the government ministers. The heads of the DWP and even the person imposing the sanction. That way if an employee. A clerk, makes a decission to take away portion of your benefits. They should be held liable. A man lost his leg. Proven mismanagement of paperwork. So who are they not charged. Damages must be paid ministers pensions must be attached as part of the damages.