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  1. "..A DWP spokesman said the government would appeal.." JUST WHEN will they appeal to the people? I had misgivings when they 'fixed' the term of a government at 5 years, it killed off a vital part of the voting proceedure, "that the government, on losing a vote of no confidence, should resign and submit themselves to the electorate for re-election or rejection." They voted themselves (WHY OH WHY DID 'THE OPPOSITION' NOT OPPOSE?) into a dictatorial situation, whereby No MATTER WHAT THEY DID, THEY COULD NOT BE REMOVED FOR A FIXED PERIOD!
    Now I know what my misgivings were indicating to me!

  2. More lazy reporting. It's no surprise the government get away with this crap, when the media aids them with their dishonestly.

    • Not so much dishonesty in this case, Derek – just genuine confusion, I think. Reporters aren't experts, & like any other lay person, they can easily get confused or make mistakes over EU law or European Human Rights Law.

      • It is a reporters duty to report accurately and not to confuse the people.
        I don't think describing someone reporting on politics a lay person. If they are they should find a new job.
        Seeing how we have a government who is attempting to undermine and destroy the credibility of ECHR, in my view soley for their own purposes, I think people need to be better served … .don't you ?

        • Reporters, even political ones, very often don't know much more about the intricacies of these things than Joe or Josephine Public. (Our beloved PM has a 1st Class Honours degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics from Oxford University, but what does he know?)

          I strongly suspect that now Cameron has got rid of Hague, Ken Clarke & Dominic Grieve, if the Tories win a majority next May, the Govt. will inform the Council of Europe that the UK will no longer allow its citizens to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, & will derogate from the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights & Fundamental Freedoms. They will also repeal the Human Rights Act. This will _automatically_ cause problems with the European Union, see: Treaty of European Union, as amended by the Treaty of Lisbon, Articles 2, 6(2-3) & 7. It could get worse: expulsion from the Council of Europe, the OSCE, the EU, the European Economic Area. I'm not sure I know where it would end. Turkey's a bit of a pariah State on human right grounds, yet is permitted to remain in NATO, so I suppose on that score, we'd stay in that, but as for the rest, I rather doubt it!

          All this has to be set in the context of the Data Retention & Investigatory Powers Bill, aka DRIP Bill, or the Snoopers' Charter. This will be a nightmare from the human rights perspective, & could well spell the end of our freedom & our right to privacy. We will find ourselves living in a Big Brother-style, Orwellian '1984' Police State, our every e-mail & text message read, our every phone call intercepted & listened to, our every website visit noted. I don't want to live in world like that. I'd sooner be dead!

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