Austerity Cuts Will Bite Even Harder In 2015 – Another £12bn Will Go

During five years of austerity, Britain has not experienced the wave of protest seen in other countries. That could change – this is a pivotal year in the race to reshape the nature of the state.

Photo credit: Knox O (Wasi Daniju) via photopin cc

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  1. Osborne’s fallure to anticipate the mass grassroots hatred that his insane, vandalistic policies are creating will make his inevitable downfall all the more sweet.

  2. This is all so unjust. The Tories are picking on the weak and disabled in preference to making sure that companies like Starbucks who pay no tax in this country remain tax free. If they were to choose to pick up those who pay no tax, including celebrities, they would reclaim far more money.

  3. Simples don’t vote for the Tories, if they do get back into power life won’t be worth living, for millions of the so called underclass people of this country.

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