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Theresa May faces backbench rebellion over universal credit roll-out

A dozen Tory MPs have signed a letter calling for a slow-down in the roll-out of Universal Credit.

Employers still discriminate against disabled people – it has to stop

Survey reveals disabled people apply for 60% more jobs than non-disabled people in their job search.

Return of the Tory milk snatchers

UK Government urged to commit to funding school milk subsidies after Brexit.

‘A national disgrace’: homelessness soars by more than 50% since 2009

Latest figures also show a rise in the number of homeless households placed in temporary accommodation.

A fifth of young people are homeless – you just can’t see them

People sleeping rough are vastly outnumbered by those whose homelessness we don’t see. More needs to be done to reach the most vulnerable.

Tory welfare cuts ‘pushing people into poverty and homelessness’

Shelter Scotland says welfare changes 'directly threaten tenancies and risk pushing more people into homelessness'.

Survey reveals severe lack of support for carers supporting people with Alzheimer’s

65% of UK carers supporting people with Alzheimer's have suffered emotional and mental health problems.

Debbie Abrahams’ speech to Labour Party conference in full

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary vowed to "transform our social security system from one that demonises, to one that is supportive and enabling".

Disability campaigner blasts ‘brutal’ Tory treatment of disabled people (video)

Disability rights campaigner Paula Peters condemned the Tory Government's treatment of disabled people at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton.

Ministers told to cut wait for new benefit amid evidence it is causing debt

Report raised ‘very serious concerns’ with government over delay before first payment.

Single parents ‘paying the price’ for cruel Tory welfare policies, says charity

Charity warns accelerated Universal Credit roll-out will leave single parents and their families in severe financial debt.

Benefits assessor sanctioned for mocking disabled claimant

Alan Barham, who was dismissed by Capita after undercover footage emerged, given caution order by disciplinary panel.

Government welfare policy hampering efforts to tackle homelessness

Majority of councils and housing associations say Tory welfare policies are undermining their efforts to reduce homelessness.

Young Scottish carers to benefit from extra financial support

Package includes £300 grant for young carers aged 16 to 18 who do at least 16 hours of caring a week, but do not qualify for Carer’s Allowance.

UK businesses ‘addicted’ to zero-hours contracts, says Unite

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show there were 1.4 million workers on zero-hours contracts in May 2017.

Social workers blow the whistle on ‘unfair and unsafe’ adult care system

Survey shows that only 1 in 4 social workers feel England's adult social care system is 'fair and safe', due to devastating funding cuts.

Social housing crisis can no longer be ignored, says housing chief

David Orr says Grenfell Tower fire highlighted neglect of sector - government must urgently make money available.

Britain’s unclaimed benefits: four million families miss out on £12.4 billion

Why aren't people entitled to benefits claiming them?

DWP should declare a ‘Christmas truce’ on Universal Credit roll-out

Government must immediately pause the roll-out of Universal Credit "to prevent a human and political catastrophe", says Frank Field MP.

Paralysed woman told to find work after husband forgot Jobcentre appointment

Julie Rodger had her benefits stopped after her husband mistakenly forgot to attend a mandatory Jobcentre meeting.

Universal credit a train wreck that must be stopped, Lib Dems say

Liberal Democrat work and pensions spokesman to call for next month’s rollout to be cancelled until overhaul takes place.

‘Broken’ PIP assessment system isn’t working for people living with MS

North Staffs Green Party condemns 'hugely damaging' disability benefit assessments.




Corbyn urged to win votes by pledging £10bn more on care for disabled elderly

Fabian Society research identifies shortfall in funding for 1.2 million older people.

Terminally ill to be given priority over benefit underpayments, says McVey

Work and Pensions Secretary vowed to prioritise "any individuals whom we know from our systems to be terminally ill".

Austerity will have cast an extra 1.5m children into poverty by 2021

Lone-parents, disabled children and ethnic minorities will be among worst-hit, says EHRC.

Childcare voucher changes delayed after Commons debate

Government agrees to keep system open for six more months after pressure from Labour.

Reverse universal credit cuts, Iain Duncan Smith tells chancellor

Thinktank says 340,000 people could be taken out of poverty if Philip Hammond takes action.

Labour’s Debbie Abrahams stands down accusing leader’s office of ‘bullying’ behaviour

Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary claims to be the victim of a "bullying culture of the worst kind", as Party investigates "work based complaints".