1. The EU is a subversive and corrupt organisation . It is the enemy of all European indigenous cultures.
    And brexit will make no difference to Britain because we will keep these laws .
    We were conned by corrupt politicians like Ted Heath in the 70s . We only joined the common market or so we were told . Give these corrupt politicians an inch and they take a mile .

  2. Spectacular fail to launch 2012 EU MSD Directive to prevent the UK ‘s continued denial and omission to act on their disgusting record in education and the workplace on the occupational health of Display Screen Equipment (DSE) users / operators suffering the debilitating symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) or Screen Fatigue now recognised Globally as a pandemic exacerbating the degree of Work Related Stress, RSI type injuries and presenteeism, working whilst unfit, accounting for some 20% lost productivity – 1 day in 5, beggars belief…..

  3. So the UK got a bunch of “benefits” from the EU….but AT WHAT COST????? Try how many BILLIONS EACH WEEK out of the treasury….

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