Former PM, David Cameron.

An 11 year-old “kind hearted” schoolgirl has slammed David Cameron for “making the poor poorer”, it has been reported.

In a letter to the Prime Minister and Tory leader, Halle Carnall, who attends the Accrington Academy, says her school friends are often left hungry and that she is worried about “what state this country will be in when I’m older”.

Her letter has been shared on Facebook over 40,000 times, after proud mum Joanne, 31, uploaded it to the social network to share with family members.

Joanne told the Accrington Observer: “After school, Halle was sat in her bedroom, I thought she was doing her homework when she came down and asked me to read her letter.

“When I read the first line ‘Dear Mr Prime Minister’, I almost laughed as I thought it was a joke but as I carried on reading I realised it was a very serious letter that she had put a lot of thought into.

“I uploaded a copy of the letter to Facebook, only to show it to my family, as they live in Liverpool.

“I didn’t expect anything further than a couple of likes and maybe a few comments from friends and family.

“We were in total shock to see that the letter had been re-shared almost 40,000 times, as far as China and New Zealand.”

In her letter to David Cameron, Halle congratulates the PM for winning the general election but warns against “selling the NHS and making the poor poorer, whilst looking after you and your friends”.

“I am worried you are making a poor choice that will impact on my future”, she says.

“I am very lucky that both of my parents have good jobs and I will have a warm meal tonight. However lots of my school friends and millions of others in your country are not so lucky and will be hungry today, tomorrow and for the next five years at least.”

In a call to unite the whole of society, Halle writes: “Whether rich or poor we are all the same. We all have the right to a good standard of education, healthcare if we are poorly and job opportunities.

“It scares me to imagine what state this country will be in when I’m older.”

She ends the letter by urging David Cameron to: “Please consider me and millions of children just like me who deserve the best chance in life”.

Commenting on the huge response the letter received on Facebook, Halle’s mum Joanne said: “The response has been amazing.

“To us, Halle has always been a kind hearted and gifted child, but for total strangers to agree is just crazy.

“People have been commenting on how well written the letter is, and how Halle is so bright, caring and such a brilliant young lady.

“People have said they are looking at a future electorate and that she would make a fantastic MP.”



    • Took the words right out of my mouth. One has to wonder how a child can see it and our self serving politicos can’t (or won’t)

  1. I also find it ridiculous of the way he’s running this country I have 2 young children 4 n 2 they are easily sick as my little girl has a poor immune system and passes it on I’m also on my own with them alone parent but its a shame that some people like the pm don’t see things like this as we run round in circles for our kids he’s more bothered about money in his own pocket not the families that care for there children

  2. Well if an Eleven year old girl can see what is happening in Britain that says a lot. So much for your Eton education Mr Cameron when a child knows better than you……you should be utterly ashamed! And Thank you Halle.

  3. This shows the extent of Camerons disregard for the humanity of Britain when an 11 year old child feels anxiety at the atrocities perpetrated by the so called leader of of our country. David Cameron and his party members are devoid of compassion and humility , to allow thousands of people to starve or go homeless or struggle and does nothing to the rich who get away with paying little or no tax, have millions in tax havens and the bankers who do as they like and all the while he is trying to turn the poor against one another with propaganda programmes like Benefit Street and also try and take away our freedom of speech and the human rights act for something he says is better ha ! he is a a terrible dictator he is attempting to turn Britain into a Nazi State !

  4. Shouldn’t her mother just send it off to Cameron rather than having it a waste of time on the internet? Or both?

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