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  • The woman is a fake. A panto scouser whose family were wealthy enough to employ her, so she pretends working class credentials. Everything she says is right-wing ideology dressed up in provincial terminology and with a put-on accent. Shame on her.

    • Phil

      Very well said .

    • Scouser

      She is not a true scouser – she lives in “leafy Wirral”. No true scouser would do this!!!

  • Stephen Bee

    I hope the Drug squad investigate what she’s taking …to come out with such ridiculous notions..At least people are beginning to see her as nothing more than a DUMB BLONDE BIMBO!

  • George

    This is the Return to Slavery

  • Elle j morgan

    One advertised zero hours ‘job’ was for one hour per month, 12 hours per year, how the hell does that enable anyone, they will be bullied by the job enter cos they ain’t working hard enough..Can they even get tax credits, what is the point?’s so the flipping Tories can claim an extra person is fully employed…

    Why the heck do they keep blaming labour, they can stop this they’ve been in power for 4 years, it doesn’t wash with us..Labour never forced people out of their homes, or forced them to be employed when the work isn’t there…

  • ali

    how can you take a job with zero hours?one week you might do 6 hours then the next week you might only do 3 hours , how are you supposed to live,

  • Andy

    For all her talk of speaking in language we can all understand, there’s a lot of gobbledygook in the transcript.

  • karen wilkinson

    Esther McVey is no friend of the working class or working women. A zero hours contract gives no right to holiday pay, sick pay or guaranteed working hours. These contracts are immoral and disgraceful and serve only to falsify the true unemployment figures. The contracts should be outlawed except for seasonal jobs which are usually filled by students.