Jobcentre Plus.

The Government has announced the providers for the new ‘Work and Health Programme’ in England (does not include London and Greater Manchester – see below) and Wales.

These are as follows:

  • Central England – Shaw Trust
  • North East – Reed In Partnership
  • North West – Ingeus
  • Southern – Pluss
  • Home Counties – Shaw Trust
  • Wales – Remploy

London and Greater Manchester London have been given funding as part of local devolution deals to select their own providers.

Employment programmes for unemployed and disabled people are devolved in Scotland and the Work and Health Programme is not yet available in Northern Ireland.

  • sue gy

    God help us thats all I can say. Another cleansing program for the disabled and mentally disabled

  • Denise Merükdoff Harrisön

    Surely this dosn’t effect people in the surport group of esa or the surport group of UC

    • simon boyland

      If it does then it is an utter outrage, and shows the Tory parties true motivations, nothing at all to do with “austerity”, everything to do with attacking the most vulnerable in society

    • I’m afraid it does. Even if you or someone you know is in the ESA Support Group they will be expected to attend an assessment to prove their eligibility for the equivalent level of support under Universal Credit.

      • Denise Merükdoff Harrisön

        What I was told people already in the surport group of esa when transfared onto uc it will not affect, only newly sick and disabled who have not made a claim for esa but go start onto uc,

  • Julia Morgan

    Why doesn’t the Government penalise employers who refuse to hire disabled workers?
    Because, that might actually work in disabled people’s favour.

  • jeffrey davies

    action t4 rolling along without much of a ado