Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tag: Zero-hours contracts

Rise in zero-hours jobs for single parents ‘risks causing child poverty’

Growth of unsuitable self-employment blamed for half of single parent homes being poor.

Government urged to ban the scourge of zero-hours contracts

TUC says insecure work allows employers to treat some workers like "second class citizens", many of whom struggle to "budget for their weekly shop".

SNP call for worker’s rights to be redefined to protect people in insecure jobs

Party says worker's rights should be 'front and centre' of political debate due to the 'rapidly changing world of work'

UK businesses ‘addicted’ to zero-hours contracts, says Unite

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show there were 1.4 million workers on zero-hours contracts in May 2017.

McDonald’s workers to go on strike in Britain for first time

Staff in Cambridge and Crayford branches to protest over low wages and zero-hours contracts in action backed by Corbyn.

Zero-hours contracts on the decline in Scotland – but rise by 101,000 across UK

SNP back calls for zero-hours contracts to be banned, and demand full devolution of employment and equalities laws.

Zero-hours contracts are ‘bad for your health’, says study

Young people on zero-hours contracts are less likely to be in good health and more likely to suffer mental health problems.

BAME workers ‘forced into low-paid, insecure work’

Black, Asian and minority ethnic workers are over a third more likely than white workers to be in insecure employment, TUC study shows.

UK becoming the insecure job capital of Europe, study suggests

TUC study reveals the UK has seen significant growth in insecure forms of employment compared to other EU countries.

Number of UK workers on zero-hours contracts at ‘record high’

Zero-hours jobs data published by the Office for National Statistics overshadows rising employment and falling unemployment.

Insecure employment ‘costing the UK economy billions every year’

Employers using zero-hours contracts and low-paid self-employment to escape paying tax and national insurance, TUC report warns.

Number of workers in insecure jobs soars 27% in only five years

The number of workers trapped in insecure jobs has rocketed by a shocking 660,000 over the past five years, according to study.

Zero-hours contracts used to ‘hold down wages’, says think tank

Zero-hours contract workers face a ‘precarious pay penalty’ of £1,000 a year, new analysis suggests.

Shock 21% rise in zero-hours contracts sparks calls for immediate ban

Unite says UK Government should follow the example set by New Zealand and outlaw zero hours contracts.

Widespread use of zero hours contracts a ‘key challenge’ for Theresa May, says thinktank

Two in three zero hour contract workers over 25 have been on one for more than a year, research shows.

Owen Smith pledges to end austerity in radical pitch to Labour’s left

Policies include scrapping Department for Work and Pensions, ending public-sector pay freeze and boosting spending on NHS.

4.5 Million People In Insecure Employment, Say Citizens Advice

Insecure employment can leave many people struggling to manage household finances or plan for the future, say Citizens Advice.

Casual Workers At Risk Of ‘Wage Theft’, Charity Warns

The number of people who contacted Citizens Advice for help with pay and entitlements issues against employers rose by 4% to 67,000 in 2015.

Unions Criticise ‘Nightmare’ Rise In Zero Hours Contracts

ONS figures show a 104,000 rise in the number of people who say a zero hours contract is their main job.

Number Of Workers On Zero-Hours Contracts Up By 19%

Office for National Statistics says number of people reporting that they work on contracts with no minimum hours has risen to 744,000.

Tories’ Zero-Hours Exclusivity Ban ‘Is A Joke’, Says Unite

Banning zero-hours exclusivity clauses "does nothing to turn an insecure job into a better one", says Unite.

Zero-Hours Contracts Just The Tip Of The Iceberg For Low-Paid Jobs, Says TUC

A new report from the TUC shows that 820,000 workers are trapped on low-paid 'short-hours' contracts.