Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tag: Yvette Cooper

Children’s commissioners write to home secretary over end of Dubs scheme

Commissioners for Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland write to Amber Rudd calling for government to do more to help child refugees.

Social Care Chief Savages Failing System For Elderly

Chief inspector blames poor leadership and cuts as fresh figures show 150 abuse claims each day.

Harman Seeks To End Labour Row With ‘Reasoned Amendment’ To Welfare Bill

Acting Labour leader hopes amendment setting out reasons why bill should be rejected can end fighting within party.

What’s The Point Of Labour If They Won’t Oppose Tory Welfare Cuts?

The Labour Party should be instinctively opposed to the Tory ideological of welfare cuts and austerity, writes Adam Colclough.

Labour Leadership Candidates Criticise Harriet Harman’s Welfare Stance

Decision by acting leader not to oppose the government’s welfare bill has come under fire from Burnham, Cooper and Corbyn.

Child Poverty Rise Across Britain ‘Halts Progress Made Since 1990s’

New figures expected to show clear increase in child poverty, as charities blame bedroom tax and benefit cuts.

Andy Burnham Jeered At First Labour Leadership Hustings Over Benefits Cap

Frontrunner to be next leader receives less than warm response at event during union conference after refusing to say whether he opposes £23,000 annual cap.