Thursday, December 14, 2017

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If you don’t like housing benefit cuts for the vulnerable young, join the march

A large protest planned for Westminster on Saturday will highlight the human cost of a misguided policy.

Housing benefit cuts for young people may be scaled back

Cameron-era policy under review after warnings of severe hardship if changes come into force in April.

Four out five young carers receive no council support, says study

Children’s commissioner calls for local authorities to help more young people who care for sick, disabled or addicted relatives.

More than £1bn for troubled families ‘has had little impact’

Study of government’s flagship social policy from 2012 suggests ‘very small number of positive or negative results’ in tackling addiction and truancy.

May urged to roll back policies hitting under-25s to end generational inequality

Campaign groups argue prime minister should act to end division between prosperous older generation and struggling younger people.

Housing crisis ‘driving younger and older generations apart’

Soaring property prices are making more neighbourhoods inaccessible to the under 50s, report reveals.

Youth unemployment highly regionalised, report shows

Study finds ‘stubbornly high number of young people excluded from UK labour market’ – depending on where they live.

Government Plans Threaten Projects Offering Safe Homes To Young Adults

Housing schemes such as ‘preparatory flats’ that guide lone youngsters on to the renting ladder may be at risk due to further housing benefit cuts.

Many Children In Care Denied Mental Health Treatment, Says Report

Vulnerable young people without permanent placement not receiving vital support, warns Commons committee.

Kinship Carers At Risk Of Poverty And Debt Due To Welfare Cuts, Says Charity

Adults who bring up child relatives, saving the state billions in care costs, are threatened by tax credit cuts and benefit cap, says Family Rights Group.

Benefit Cut ‘Could Make Thousands Of Vulnerable Young People Homeless’

YMCA charity says plans to scrap housing benefit payments for jobless 18-21-year-olds could cause a steep rise in homelessness.

Manifestos Fail To Fix Young Jobseekers’ Woes So We Need Steps That Work

For many young people, finding a job is traumatic. While politicians are hailing apprenticeships as a solution, the fix we need may be more radical.

Unemployed Will Have To Do Community Work Under Tories, Says Cameron

Prime minister says he is in effect abolishing youth unemployment in speech that puts changes to welfare system at heart of Conservative manifesto.

Welfare Sanctions Make Vulnerable Reliant On Food Banks, Says YMCA

Report by charity criticises ‘head in the sand’ policy on benefit sanctions as being behind significant increase in food poverty

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