Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Tories To Slash Employment Support Funding By 80%

The UK Government is to slash funding for employment support programmes by up to 80% following the Spending Review.

Back To Work Schemes Failing People With Complex Needs, Say MPs

Work and Pensions Committee says employment schemes are failing unemployed people with the most challenging barriers to employment.

‘Punitive’ Work Programme Makes Mental Health Problems Worse, Says Charity

The Work Programme is making people with mental problems more unwell and pushing them further away from work, a leading charity says.

Letters: Back To Work Programme Is A ‘Pointless Exercise In Time Wasting’

Unemployed music composer was threatened with a benefit sanction when he described a mandatory work placement as 'pointless'.

Cutting Employment Support For Learning Disabled People Is A False Economy

The number of people with learning disabilities who don’t have a job is on the rise, yet services helping them into work are at risk as councils come under pressure to cut non-statutory support.

A4E Staff Jailed For Back To Work Fraud (External Link)

Six employees from back-to-work company A4E have been jailed for a fraud that saw them falsely claim almost £300,000 - BBC News

Scottish Greens Pledge To Tackle Poverty And Roll Back Benefit Cuts

Scottish Greens have today (30 March) launched their 2015 general election manifesto, pledging to tackle poverty and rollback benefit cuts.

Scottish Government Seeks Further Clarification On Welfare Devolution

Scottish MSPs are seeking further clarification to speed up the pace of welfare devolution to Scotland, it has been announced today.

Welfare Weekly – Issue 11 (27/12/2014)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from the Welfare Weekly.

DWP To ‘Blitz’ Unemployed People Into Unpaid Work

DWP say an 'army' of government 'jobs experts' will target unemployed people at a number of 'unusual locations'.

DWP Accused Of ‘Breathtaking Arrogance’ Over Work Programme Devolution

The DWP has been accused of breaking the "letter and spirit" of the Smith Commission, after it emerged that lucrative Work Programme contracts are to be extended.

Sharp Rise In Number Of Under 25’s Living In Poverty

New research shows how under 25's and people in work are now more likely to be living in poverty than pensioners.

Work Programme Providers ‘Parking’ Sick And Disabled On Benefits

The Work and Pensions Select Committee criticised Work Programme providers for spending less than half of what they promised on 'harder-to-help' benefit claimants.

DWP Orders Man To Work Without Pay For Company That Let Him Go

John McArthur is sanctioned by jobcentre after refusing ‘forced labour’ at firm where he was previously paid minimum wage

Work Programme Isn’t Working, Say Local Authorities

Local authorities across England, Scotland and Wales are issuing a call for a radical re-think of welfare-to-work policies.

Work Programme Still Not Working, DWP Figures Show

The controversial Work Programme, dubbed 'workfare' by opponents to the scheme, is still failing to help large numbers of unemployed people into permanent work, figures show.

‘Fit For Work’ Tests ‘Far From Satisfactory’, Says Think Tank

The highly controversial 'fit for work' test is “far from satisfactory” for people with mental health problems, a damning new report has found.

David Cameron Violated My Right To Freedom Of Expression, Claims Jobseeker

An unemployed man from Holten-le-Clay, Lincolnshire, is suing David Cameron for a staggering £1 MILLION, after alleging the Prime Minister violated his right to freedom of expression.

Welfare Reforms In Breach Of ‘Legal Obligations’ To Protect Disabled People, Finds Landmark Report

The report will be submitted to the United Nations expert bodies that monitor implementation with the relevant human rights treaties.

Labour To Hand Lucrative ‘Workfare’ Contracts To Smaller Companies

Rachel Reeves MP said that she plans to “challenge the status quo” of Government commissioned Work Programme contracts by opening up the scheme to smaller providers.

Work Capability Assessments ‘Leaving Sick And Disabled On A Knife-Edge’

The current benefits system is failing people with disabilities and mental health problems and pressuring people into undertaking compulsory activities.

‘Workfare’ Scheme ‘Holed Below The Waterline’, Says Unite

Unite has welcomed the news that 345 voluntary sector organisations, including household names such as Shelter, Crisis, Scope and Oxfam, have pledged not to take part in the Community Work Placements (CWP) programme





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