Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tag: Work experience

Majority would support a ban on unpaid internships, survey shows

Commission warns unpaid internships and work experience are damaging to social mobility.

Work Experience ‘Lottery’ Fuelling Youth Unemployment, Says Report

Employers in some parts of the country are almost twice as likely to offer work experience as their counterparts in other areas, according to a report published today.

Work Programme A Waste Of Time For Long-Term Sickness Benefit Claimants

Less than 5% of long-term sick and disabled people find work through the Work Programme, DWP figures show.

Work Programme Providers ‘Parking’ Sick And Disabled On Benefits

The Work and Pensions Select Committee criticised Work Programme providers for spending less than half of what they promised on 'harder-to-help' benefit claimants.

Work Programme Isn’t Working, Say Local Authorities

Local authorities across England, Scotland and Wales are issuing a call for a radical re-think of welfare-to-work policies.

Time Has Come To Dispel The Myth Of ‘Feckless’ Young People, UKCES Claims

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) is calling for more to be done to dispel the myth of 'feckless' young people.





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