Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tag: Women

Labour sounds alarm over rollout of universal credit rape clause into N Ireland

Opposition calls for parliamentary debate, saying women risk being criminalised if two-child limit is imposed in region.

Women hit by pension age change ‘can take up apprenticeships’

Minister Guy Opperman’s comments enrage ‘Waspi’ campaigners – and Conservative MPs join criticism of policy.

Government under fire over new child tax credit form for rape victims

Form requiring rape victims to declare they do not live with attacker called ‘inhumane and barbaric’ and a ‘vile policy’.

Tax credit ‘rape clause’ becomes law without parliamentary vote

Controversial move, which requires woman who had third child as result of rape to verify her position, added to existing act.

Women bearing 86% of austerity burden, Commons figures reveal

Labour urges Conservatives to look at disproportionate impact of tax and spending policies on women.

Government failure to act means gender pay gap will remain, say MPs

Women and equalities committee makes claim after ministers reject proposals aimed at helping women back into workforce.

Austerity effect hits women ‘twice as hard as it does men’

Tax and benefit changes since 2010 have increased equality gap.

Charity urges MSPs to give free tampons to women on benefits

Scottish parliament hears about women and girls using newspaper and socks as ‘period poverty’ is debated for first time.

SNP MP Launches Campaign Against Tax Credit ‘Rape Clause’

SNP MP says proposals to scrutinise women who have third child due to rape was stigmatising and has no place in the 21st century.

Care Worker Scheme Axed After George Osborne Withdraws Funding

Scheme to develop role of care practitioners and address shortages is scrapped along with projects designed to boost opportunities for women.

Obesity Endangers Health Of Women And Babies, Warns UK’s Chief Medical Officer

Sally Davies’ report says children of obese women may develop health problems, and warns pregnancy is not a time to eat for two.

Women To Be Hit Hardest By Tax-Credit And Benefits Freeze – Study

Figures show more than 75% of estimated savings will come from women under cuts planned by Tories if they win election





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