Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Work capability assessment ‘failing the most vulnerable in society’

SNP MP says the UK Government's controversial work capability assessment system is 'not fit for purpose' and should be reviewed.

The road to ‘Cash Not Care’ – a personal voyage of research discovery

Disabled researcher and military veteran speaks about her own experiences of dealing with the DWP and the UK's welfare system.

Disabled woman was wrongly denied benefits for 10 months, says Judge

Theresa's benefits were stopped for failing to attend an assessment 'without good reason', even though it had been cancelled by the assessors themselves.

Mentally ill man found dead on beach after his sickness benefits were removed

"What's the point?": David Metcalf is said to have felt 'frustrated and upset' after being found 'fit for work' by the DWP.

Seriously ill gran who needs a nebuliser to help her breath told to find a job

Heartless Department for Work and Pensions continues to treat sick and disabled people with utter contempt.

Disabled researcher slams ‘dangerous and totally discredited’ benefit tests

Work capability assessment 'creates unnecessary preventable harm', says researcher.

BBC knew American corporate ‘racketeers’ were influencing UK welfare reforms

BBC News reports exposing how a US firm were influencing UK welfare reforms were inexplicably removed from their archives.

Former DWP expert admitted ‘fit for work’ tests were ‘unsatisfactory’ in 2012 – Tories ignored him

He’s only an expert when singing from the same hymn sheet as the DWP.

American ‘disability denial factories’ flourishing in the UK

It’s easier to accept the limitless Tory lies rather than face reality, says Mo Stewart.

DWP confirm existing ESA claimants will not be affected by £30 a week cut – sort of

Questions remain regarding existing claimants who appeal against a negative decision after the cut-off date.

Welfare reform is killing people, but the Tory press don’t want you to know

Rising numbers of deaths all linked to the ongoing welfare reforms remain unreported.

Sick pay and work assessments to be reviewed, Jeremy Hunt reveals

Consultation to be carried out as cost of treating long-term health conditions that prevent people from working reaches £7bn.

DWP to overhaul hated ‘fitness for work’ tests

Work and Pensions Secretary Damien Green will announce a consultation on changes to the Work Capability Assessment.

I, Daniel Blake: Ken Loach and Dave Johns interview (video)

I, Daniel Blake, the story of a disabled man's battle with the welfare system, will be released in UK cinemas on 21 October.

Tory cuts are having a ‘catastrophic impact’ on disabled people, MSPs told

John McArdle was giving evidence to the Scottish Social Security Committee on the impact of social security cuts on disabled people.

New Work and Pensions Secretary’s speech to Tory Conference in full

Damien Green MP outlines his vision for the future of the welfare state under the Tory party.

Work capability assessment ‘may cost me my life’

David suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage but was still ordered to prove he was unfit for work by the DWP.

TUC backs calls for ‘inhuman’ fit for work tests to be scrapped (video)

Motion backs calls for 'fit for work tests' to be scrapped and replaced by a fair and humane process for determining work capability.

MP Calls On DWP To Drop ‘Fit For Work’ Ruling Of Man Missing Part Of His Head

Kenny Bailey, from East Barnsley, has suffered with severe skull damage and partial paralysis since a major stroke in 2014.

Suicides Of Benefit Claimants Reveal DWP Flaws, Says Inquiry

‘Peer reviews’ challenge claims by ministers that there is no connection between welfare reform policies and deaths of vulnerable claimants.

Callous DWP Officials Considered Charging Disabled People To Appeal Benefits Decisions

DWP officials considered plans to begin charging sick and disabled to challenge benefit decisions, a secret internal document reveals.

Stephen Crabb Wants To Sack Private Sector Disability Assessment Firms

Disability campaigners have welcomed reports that the new Work and Pensions Secretary is considering sacking under-performing disability assessment contractors.





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