Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Theresa May ‘behaving like Scrooge’ over Universal Credit hardship

Thousands of families are "facing utter misery" over Christmas due to Universal Credit wait, says Unite.

Unions warn of a ‘wage crisis’ as real-terms earnings continue to fall

Tories accused of "creating the longest period of falling real-terms pay since the Napoleonic wars".

More than 130,000 to be fed by food banks this Christmas – MPs urged to donate

MPs are being urged to donate to the ‘Hope not Hunger’ pop-up food bank when it arrives at Parliament on Wednesday.

Shock survey reveals ‘mental health funding crisis’, as 1 in 3 NHS psychologists consider quitting

Unite says the survey shows that Jeremy Hunt is failing to meet his pledge to boost mental health funds.

Shock 21% rise in zero-hours contracts sparks calls for immediate ban

Unite says UK Government should follow the example set by New Zealand and outlaw zero hours contracts.

Sports Direct to hand over £1 million to thousands of workers denied minimum wage

Thousands of Sports Direct workers can soon expect to receive an estimated £1 million for non-payment of the minimum wage.

UN To Hear Evidence Of ‘Appalling’ Government Attacks On UK Worker’s Rights

Trade Union Act and the awarding of government contracts to “anti-union employers” who blacklist thousands of workers will be under the spotlight.

Unions Criticise ‘Nightmare’ Rise In Zero Hours Contracts

ONS figures show a 104,000 rise in the number of people who say a zero hours contract is their main job.

‘Dickension’ Work Practices At Sports Direct Left Dad In A Wheelchair

Guntars Zarins collapsed with a blood clot on his brain and is now in wheelchair because he was "too scared to phone in sick".

Tories’ Zero-Hours Exclusivity Ban ‘Is A Joke’, Says Unite

Banning zero-hours exclusivity clauses "does nothing to turn an insecure job into a better one", says Unite.

Union To Protest Against ‘Grotesque’ Benefit Sanctions

Unite will call for an immediate end to the 'grotesque cruelty' of the government's punitive benefit sanctions regime.

Nearly 700,000 On ‘Exploitative’ Zero-Hours Contracts

On average, people on zero-hours contracts work under 25 hours a week and earn £300 less than workers on more permanent contracts.

Union Calls For ‘National Day Of Action’ Against Benefit Sanctions

Britain's largest trade union, Unite, will tomorrow (4 February) launch a new campaign to put an end to "cruel and ineffective" benefit sanctions.

MPs Vote To Roll-Back The Clock On NHS Privatisation

MPs voted by 241 to 18 in favour of the National Health Services (Amended Duties and Powers) bill, promoted by Labour MP for Eltham

71 Coalition MPs Stood To Profit From NHS Privatisation, Says Unite

A new a 'dossier of disgrace' published by Unite reveals that 71 coalition MPs with links to private healthcare interests voted to sell-off our beloved NHS.

Employers Must Include Overtime When Calculating Holiday Pay

UK employers now need to include overtime pay when calculating workers’ holiday pay

Public Backs Strikes For NHS Fair Pay, Poll Shows

The poll reveals a cross-party consensus among voters supporting both an above one per cent pay rise and support for industrial action.

Tories In £1.5 Billion NHS Sell-Off Scandal

Since 2012 a scandalous £1.5 billion has left the NHS and gone into the pockets of just 15 private companies linked to 24 Tory MPs

New Minimum Wage Is ‘A Disgrace’, Says Unite

Unite said that it was disgraceful that the coalition had allowed wage rates for council workers to drop to the NMW level.

Breaking: NHS Staff Vote To Strike Against ‘Destructive’ 1% Pay Offer – Unite

Besides the four-hour strike between 07.00 and 11.00 on 13 October, Unite members in England will be working to rule and adhering to the 37.5 hour week

We Need An £8 Minimum Wage NOW – Not Later, Say Unite

Independent report says £1.50 increase in minimum wage in 2015 is affordable

Treasury Committee Should Investigate ‘Jekyll And Hyde’ UK Jobs Market, Say Unite

Rosy picture painted by ministers masks the true nature of unemployment, such as the people ‘forced’ into so-called self-employment to get them off benefits, say Unite.





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