Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Theresa May ‘behaving like Scrooge’ over Universal Credit hardship

Thousands of families are "facing utter misery" over Christmas due to Universal Credit wait, says Unite.

Hammond urged to give public sector workers a ‘generous’ pay rise

Public sector workers have been battered by pay austerity since 2010, says Unite.

Mental health cuts ‘leave staff facing violence and aggression’

Unison report reveals that more than two in five mental health workers have been attacked in the last year.

UK businesses ‘addicted’ to zero-hours contracts, says Unite

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show there were 1.4 million workers on zero-hours contracts in May 2017.

Scottish union blasts ‘despicable’ Tory social security policies

EIS President Nicola Fisher criticised unjust cuts to social security benefits affecting children and families.

Jeremy Corbyn condemns ‘epidemic of low pay’ in speech to TUC Congress

Labour leader told delegates that an 'epidemic of low pay' is 'leaving workers and their families locked in poverty'.

Public sector pay cap to be lifted next year, No 10 says

Cabinet agrees pay rises for prison and police officers this year but prison union says offer amounts to real-terms cut.

One in eight workers struggle to afford food, finds TUC survey

Report released before annual congress exposes in-work poverty, with people skimping on food and heating despite having jobs.

McDonald’s workers to go on strike in Britain for first time

Staff in Cambridge and Crayford branches to protest over low wages and zero-hours contracts in action backed by Corbyn.

Black workers in the UK are STILL paid less than their white counterparts

Findings fly in the face of Theresa May’s pledge to tackle "burning injustice" and build a Britain "that works to everyone".

One in three LGBT people have been harassed or bullied at work

TUC call for a 'zero tolerance attitude' to help reduce harassment and bullying of LGBT people at work.

Ministers vow to end employment tribunal fees after court defeat

Supreme court rules fees of up to £1,200 are ‘inconsistent with access to justice’ and government may have to pay back £27m.

Nearly two in ten apprentices paid less than the minimum wage

UK Government urged to "name and shame" employers who pay apprentices less than the minimum wage.

Incomes in south-east of England ‘are 25% higher than in West Midlands’

TUC urges government to act as IFS report highlights growing north-south divide and regional concentration of poverty.

Doctors union blasts ‘abhorrent attack on low income families and children’

British Medical Association condemns 'shameful' tax credits 'rape clause'.

Unions warn of a ‘wage crisis’ as real-terms earnings continue to fall

Tories accused of "creating the longest period of falling real-terms pay since the Napoleonic wars".

‘Poverty pay should be outlawed’, says union

Government urged to introduce a 'real living wage' that reflects the rising cost of living.

Health unions urge Theresa May to ditch NHS pay cap

Unions representing cross-section of healthcare staff increase pressure on government to use Queen’s speech to lift 1% restriction on pay rises.

Theresa May has ‘no mandate’ to increase state pension age

Prospect Union says the result of the general election shows that there is no consensus for further increases to the state pension age.

Average household debt set to exceed £15,000 in just five years

Low wage growth and poor investment 'putting the UK economy in the danger zone', warns TUC.

Government must put workers rights ‘at the heart’ of Brexit deal

TUC report warns Britain could be at risk of becoming "a bargain basement economy" if workplace rights aren't protected after Brexit.

NHS nurse shortages ‘putting patients lives at risk’

Survey by Unison finds that almost two-thirds of nurses believe hospital wards are understaffed, affecting patient care and safety.





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