Wednesday, January 24, 2018

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Universal credit’s hidden cut pushes disabled people into poverty

Severely disabled people, like Philip, are losing their lifeline as disability benefits disappear in the rollout of universal credit.

‘Kinship carers’ denied thousands of pounds over two-child cap

Campaigners call for change to rules as people are denied tax credits for their own children after caring for young relatives.

English councils’ local welfare schemes in ‘meltdown’

New report reveals that two-thirds of English councils have closed or cut emergency funds, causing greater hardship to low-income families.

How Scotland is putting a stop to period poverty

A pilot scheme giving away sanitary products through food banks aims to help low-income women and break down taboos.

This is a PIP disability assessment: intrusive, humiliating and completely pointless

I have a permanent disability. Even after the election, the Conservative government is forcing people like me through this broken system.

Care home closures set to rise as funding crisis bites

Insolvencies among care home operators are at a record high and likely to continue without government action.

Rough sleepers face high levels of abuse by public, study finds

Homeless people report being kicked in the head, sexually assaulted, having bedding set on fire and being urinated on.

‘Biased’ fit for work tests penalise poorer people

New study finds that disabled people living in deprived areas are more likely to lose their benefits under the government’s controversial assessments system.

Disabled people call for return of UK-wide Independent Living Fund

Scrapping the benefit in England has left vulnerable people housebound, but those in Wales and Scotland still enjoy greater help.

Government Plans Threaten Projects Offering Safe Homes To Young Adults

Housing schemes such as ‘preparatory flats’ that guide lone youngsters on to the renting ladder may be at risk due to further housing benefit cuts.

Docking Welfare Payments Is Not Incentive To Work, Report Claims

Government-backed employment project found benefit cuts that push claimants further into poverty also create barriers to finding work.

The Government Is Skewing Benefits Appeals Against Disabled People

A new army of ‘presenting officers’ is to help the Department of Work and Pensions at benefit tribunals, while the disabled person making the appeal is left to struggle alone.

Universal Credit Reduced To Cost-Cutting Exercise By Treasury, Say Experts

Flagship benefit reform has been watered down so much that it risks failing to achieve its original purpose, warns Resolution thinktank.

Child Refugees And Their Families Are Being Denied Crucial Disability Benefits

A two-year wait until refugees in the UK are eligible to apply for disability living allowance has left people with war-inflicted injuries and other serious medical conditions without support.

DWP ‘Punishing’ Low-Paid Full-Time Workers Under New Benefits Rule

Critics say scheme under which working people claiming universal credit can be fined for failing to do enough to find more work is ‘political dynamite’.





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