Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Tag: UK Money

Rogue landlords making millions out of housing benefits

‘Lockdown’ is a model that can make £56,000 a year from public funds. But the scandal goes on.

Low-income households at risk as mortgage support benefit is axed

Crucial welfare payment will be turned into a loan from 2018, affecting 124,000 individuals who rely on it.

OECD: UK has lowest state pension of any developed country

British workers receive just 29% of their previous earnings, although private pensions bring figure up to near average.

State pension age must rise again, says report

Those aged around 40 should expect to work at least until the age of 68, with the future of the triple-lock also thrown into doubt.

New bombshell for self-employed: pay 400% more NICs … or lose state pension

Despite the chancellor’s NICs U-turn, those who earn below £6,000 still face a five-fold increase – unless the government acts before next year.

Families urged not to land themselves in further debt this Christmas

Calls to PayPlan's debt advice line drop before Christmas but then rocket by 37% in the new year.

Struggling families take out ‘benefit loans’ to pay Christmas costs

Credit union reports a rise in the number of families taking out loans secured on social security benefits.

Refusing child benefit payments could see new mums take a state pension hit

A failure to make an initial claim may see them lose £5,000.





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