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  • A Zero Hours Contract is where you are on standby and asked if you are available for Work. If you are doing another Job and not available, or on a training Course you are not available so I see nothing wrong with this.

  • samspruce

    The whole discussion is framed within false paradigms. It is like discussing whether starving people to death or gassing them is best. If there were enough jobs it could appear to make more sense but then there wouldn’t be the problem. This government is acting on the invisible but assumed premise that ‘looking for work’ creates work. Until people can make it clear that the Emperor has no clothes on this discussion will continue and in that sense there is no fixing the problem.

  • you do wonder where its all going to end….

    In tears, in suspect. Not to mention soaring homelessness, crime, suicide rates…

  • I thought slavery had been abolished.

  • Soylent Jude

    So often the work is given out according to the whim of those in charge and if you dare to refuse some work because it clashes with a time when you need to be looking after your children, or if you upset someone in charge in some way, then you end up being offered nothing. Or you can pay for someone to care for your children and for the expenses of getting to work, only to be told that you’re not needed after all (and your expenses don’t get repaid).

  • jeffrey davies

    it appears this lot want to take us back 400 yrs were slaves worked for owt