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The mother of a woman who died cold and alone after being denied sickness benefits has launched a scathing attack against the Tory Government, asking how many people have to lose their lives before they realise “they are killing vulnerable people”.

Linda’s daughter Elaine Morrall was found still wearing her coat and scarf “because she wouldn’t put her heating on until her kids came home from school”.

The 38-year-old, from Runcorn in Cheshire, reportedly had her benefits stopped on numerous occasions and wasn’t “deemed ill enough for Employment and Support Allowance”, despite having spent recent months in intensive care.

Elaine is said to have suffered with depression and an eating disorder.

In a desperate plea to a local councillor, shared on social media, her mum Linda wrote: “Forgive me if this is not your constituency. Please forward to the correct person if not & let me know who it should be.

“My daughter lived in Boston ave. She died on the afternoon of 2 November 2017 at home on her own. She was 38yrs.

“In the cold with her coat & scarf on. Because she wouldn’t put her heating on until her kids came home from school. Why ?? Because she couldn’t afford it.

“Because she was severely depressed. Suffered from eating disorder & many other problems for many years.

“Mainly due to authoritarians of 1 form or another. I can give you details. Was in & out of hospital in recent months in intensive care.

“But was deemed not ill enough for ESA. Had her benefits stopped numerous times, which in turn stopped her housing benefit.

“No income but expected to be able to pay full rent. Was told being in intensive care was not sufficient reason for failing to attend a universal credit interview.

“I went to the job centre to inform them that she couldn’t attend. But benefits stopped again.

“Uncaring housing taking her to court. She’s due to go to court on monday. Is being dead now enough reason. Is that what’s had to happen to prove she was ill??

“How many people have got to die before this government realises they are killing vulnerable people??

“What are you and your fellow councillors going to do to protect your constituents??”

‘Thousands’ of people have now donated money to support the family through a popular crowd-funding website.

Single mum Rebecca Wolfe set up the page after being moved by the tragedy, and has helped to raise £790 for the family. The cause has now closed after reaching its target.

The single 40-year-old mum-of-two, who cares for her autistic son and was diagnosed with kidney cancer when she was younger, said: “It upset me so much thinking about this woman’s children.

“It struck a chord with me. When I was a lot younger I was diagnosed with kidney cancer.

“My children were only young and every waking moment I was worried about who was going to look after them. That was my worse nightmare.

“You can give your sympathies, prayers and thoughts but that doesn’t help the family.

“I just want this woman to know that we are trying to help in a small way. I didn’t expect anyone to donate but it’s gone massive.”

Jonathan Horsfall, Halton Housing Trust debt recovery manager said: “We always follow strict procedures around arrears. We strive to find solutions with our customers and have intensive support workers who enable us to do so where possible.

“Our support services are on offer to those who we know are in arrears, and are always reached out to for support.

“If customers are concerned about arrears we always encourage anyone to get in touch with us as early as possible in the arrears process so we can do all we can to help.”

A DWP spokesperson said: “Our thoughts are with Ms Morrall’s family at this difficult time.

“We understand that people can’t always attend appointments, which is why we will re-arrange alternative times.

“Assessment decisions are made with consideration of all the information provided, including supporting evidence from a GP or medical specialist.

“Anyone who disagrees with a decision can appeal.”


  1. Liars at the DWP – there is an agenda to kill off as many vulnerable people off as possible. A kind of ethnic cleansing is going on. I hated working for the DWP due to institutionalized cruelty to humans and earning a pittance for harassing already stressed out and sick people. Now we have the tabloids “reporting” on “scroungers” 24/7. Two nations – God help us all. I know it isn’t what o generations voted for and this Sunday I’ll be praying for this woman too.

  2. DWP staff are directly responsible for these situations., NOt just the tory bastards. This also includes the PCS who don’t do near enough

  3. “How many people have got to die before this government realises they are killing vulnerable people??”
    This is the wrong question. They know fine well they are killing people. The question should be ‘when are this government going to be brought before the Justices and held to account for killing people? ‘

  4. How can you appeal the decision if you are dead. These people in power are a disgrace. Yes most are just doing the job they are told to. But the people making these decisions at the top must answer for things like this & not churn out the same inept answers time after time. Action is needed not words.

    • Yes most of them are doing a great job following orders to lie and ignore medical evidence it’s not just those at the top,they have the perfect system in place they blame each other the assessors lie but say it’s not their fault because they don’t make the final decision and the DWP say that as their decision makers have no medical knowledge they need to depend on the assessors medical knowledge so none of them take the blame.

  5. That is the whole idea of the conservative Government. the amount of the poor people, disabled and needy that has died in this country because of these vicious Tory cuts. The more deaths the less people are left and the less people will be able to vote for anyone else other than conservatives so this will leave more conservatives to be alive to vote only for more conservatives keeping them in power, That is there real game plan as lifes do not matter for the Tories only the rich and the wealthy and the elite few.

  6. ” …Anyone who disagrees with a decision can appeal …”
    … after waiting several weeks for a Mandatory Reassessment decision
    … then wait up to a year for an Appeal Tribunal Hearing
    ‘Make sure you have a coat, scarf and gloves whilst you wait in the cold for a year …
    Pre-meditated Corporate Manslaughter! We will not forgive, we will not forget.

  7. This ‘Govt.’ couldn’t give a stuff about people dying / homeless /desperate: why would they? They’d have to be HUMAN for that.


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