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  • How about giving them grants to go to college you morons. Labour cannot possibly get my vote now. Not possibly.

    • Kez Yeoman

      Hi Sam, I think the exact same as you – I have the skills; I have been trained and yet because I won’t be used by companies such as McDonald’s who will employ me on an ‘apprenticeship (apprentice counter assistant)’ which will mean I’m on £2.46 an hour. I fight for the working class and the ‘real’ unemployed, not the figures big news corporations give out. It’s why I’m a Socialist and will vote TUSC.

      Labour are heading towards the right; trying to be friends with Farage and Cameron – this will not help Labour win votes from the youth.

      I’m tired of looking for jobs; I think I’m on my 250 job application, and I’ve only ever been invited for two interviews – both on zero hour contracts and both for the same company.

  • Mark Cook

    Kez, jobs dont just fall into the lap, as a 40+ yr old i have seen the problems with this country and its past Government. I cannot get a job either despite being a fully qualified Civil Engineer and CCTV operator. I’ve mentioned it time and again that training courses are going to do little for the youth of this country, In the mean-time; The armed Forces are short, the government cannot afford the equipment or training to even look after these Islands. Now, if the opportunity was there where 18-21 year olds were given the ultimatem of joining one of the armed services for say 3 years as conscript/national service, it would give them a sense of belonging, instill discipline and would ease Employment. the ultimatem would be serve or have no money.

    • jeffrey davies

      martin having served I can tell you squardies don’t want conscripts along side them that’s a no no

  • jeffrey davies

    here we go blairs baby at work yet again this retric of cutting why don’t you try the trusted path apprenterships 4yrs were they trained like of old that part which most of us oldies done yet you walk the tories path yet again ed youl be waiting a long time to get back in if you don’t open your eyes if you don’t open your ears and listen blaires way isn’t labour way unless you want the union to put forward another labour party that does whot that 99percent who aint rich want jeff3

  • Sue Jones

    This is labour press released proposals regarding young people, as well as a pledge to create jobs for young people with the money raised from a bankers bonus tax -