DWP officials pocket £44 million in ‘performance’ bonuses despite universal credit debacle



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  • dodo

    I now see people looking so miserable so depressed. This is destroying families and I hope Labour does an impact assessment for British people claiming benefits.

  • Long Ben Avery

    All my 45yrs in The NHS I was never received a bonus. Why these fuckers need one is beyond me.

  • emma

    To the 2% who voted yes to the performance bonus pay, if you think paying yourself huge amounts of money whilst others, children included, are made homeless over Christmas and going hungry too, is acceptable, you should bleeding well shot you selfish b.stards.

  • informativex

    The UK is being disassembled for the convenient consumption by the Muslim horde

    • yannix

      You are a sick individual.

      • Sallie Ann

        You are the one with your head up your arse…..start paying attention to this world or you too will be homeless and hungry very very soon.

    • Sallie Ann

      Yes….the British people are being REPLACED as fast as the government can make it happen. There are how many Muslim Mayors in the UK? About 15 or so cities are not Muslim run…….the end for British people is coming very very soon…… it starts with the weak and infirm….and moves up the ladder accordingly….the middle class is next……

  • yannix

    Privatising a former public service; walnuts for top civil servants and a few peanuts for plebs at the bottom. To appear ‘fair’. We must get a Labour Govt. to reverse it all. Soon. #JC4PM


  • Rod cornish

    The DWP who were paid bonuses should pay back every penny.
    And pay the claimers the money they are really owed.
    This is corruption.

    • Sallie Ann

      Corruption? You ain’t seen nothin yet……..

      • Rod cornish

        You are probably right.
        No government yet as helped anyone but their selves so far.

  • Sallie Ann

    Didn’t I predict they’d ALL get swell bonuses for denying the ones who need the money the most? Hmmmmmmmmm? Yep I did…..

  • They defend the bonus’s by saying that ‘talent’ will go elsewhere!!! Sorry but I don’t see this – its not like an investment bank where you need the killer instinct, what talent is so important that they need to protect them with bonus’s? please tell me!