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If you commit a crime, no criminal court in the UK is allowed to make you go hungry as a punishment. But if you’re late for an appointment at the Jobcentre, they can remove all your income and leave you unable to feed yourself or your family for weeks at a time.

Britain’s Welfare System is badly broken. There are thousands upon thousand of recorded narratives of the severe damage sanctions do to our fellow citizens in the UK.

‘During the first three weeks of my sanction I continued to look for work as I was required to. By the fourth week however I was exhausted, unwell and no longer had it in me. I was not eating as I had no food and was losing a lot of weight. I told the Jobcentre I was unwell through not eating but was sanctioned for another three months for not looking for work properly.’ James (not his real name).

Last year DWP sanctions affected 100,000 children in the UK – what crime have they committed as children to face ‘collective punishment’, be made hungry by the State as a punishment for the alleged misdemeanours of their parents?

As writer Stephen Armstrong points out in ‘The Road to Wigan Pier | Revisited’:

“Benefit sanctions were worse in Rochdale, Charles explained. There you’d get sanctioned for one mistake. At least in Manchester it was usually three strikes and your out, ‘But it’s always the older ones who knew the score’, he grinned ruefully. ‘They know the scams and the forms, and what you have to do. They’ve got mates behind the counter. It’s always the younger ones or the new ones who’ve never signed on, who get it wrong and gets sanctioned. ‘If your a proper benefit family you know how to play the system’. From his £35 the hostel took £10, leaving him £25 for everything else. When the money came through he’d head down to Iceland and stock up, but usually he budgeted for £5 food – it wasn’t quite enough to last the week.'”

It must be becoming clear by now to everybody that something is very wrong with the DWP sanctions regime. If we also consider that unemployment continues to rise locally whilst we have at the exact same time one of the highest sanctions or conditionality rates in Greater Manchester we must reach the conclusion that even if we accepted the brutal and questionable morality of such a sanctions regime we can not even claim the process reduces unemployment levels. And as of course we all know by now financially the whole ‘conditionality’ scheme costs the taxpayer far more to implement than it has ever saved the public purse.

It now seems clear that even Christmas proves no protection for the vulnerable and needy reliant on benefits to survive, as reported in Weekly Welfare on 20 December 2016: DWP staff told to focus on sanctions rather than processing benefit appeals.

Even Ebenezer Scrooge eventually saw the error of his ways by Christmas Day – why do the DWP alone apparently remain unmoved by the Christian message of ‘peace and goodwill’ to all at the heart of Christmas festivities?

The Government claims that benefit sanctions improve people’s employment prospects. But a recent report from the National Audit Office (NAO) showed that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has no direct evidence for the effectiveness of sanctions, has failed to analyse the data it holds about sanctions, and has refused to share data with other researchers or assist those researchers.

The DWP made itself deliberately blind to the failures of the sanctions regime, but the harm these sanctions cause is well known. In 2015, the report ‘Time to Rethink Benefit Sanctions‘ revealed that 100,000 children were affected by benefit sanctions in one year.

The National Audit Office now tells us that, on average, these sanctions reduced people’s short- and long-term job prospects, and led to reduced earnings for those who got work.

It is an outrage that harsh punishments are given to people in already difficult circumstances without proper investigation of the consequences. The National Audit Office and many other government, charity, church and parliamentary bodies have now called for a full independent review of the benefit sanctions regime. I asked my MP to contact the DWP and ask them to.

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  • jeffrey davies

    its all part of the great cull culling the stock through benefit sanctions aktion t4

  • Keith Francis Farrell

    This is not right. Also little known that the EU wants benefits increased. The UK is using Brexit to stave off the changes the EU wants.
    Do you really for one moment think Brexit is going to make everything better. It’s not. It’s going to destroy the economy. Human rights and everything.
    To change things we need to enforce employers to pay a living wage. We need to stop all the tax avoidance look holes used by multi nationals.
    Finally we need to hold MPs personally Liable for all deaths on their watch. All harm they hide and make sure that people like Iain Duncan Smith get charged for crimes against humanity

  • UnderTheBedMonster

    Just another way to make the people want to kill themselves out of sheer desperation. Not having any money for 3 months due to THEIR mistake or being late or having a swell excuse like you’ve had your leg amputated and were bedridden in a hospital is not a good enough excuse for them……I wonder how those monkeys running the show can sleep at night….or is it another way of making sure that their version of Communism is followed to a T or they get a bonus for every person that they sanction? Personally I think they get the bonus. They certainly must have had to pass a sadist test with flying colors to get their jobs.

  • gaia

    As this article starts, murders,rapists,child molesters even terrorists, the worst of the worst commit god awful crimes yet never go hungry,never loose a bed or the roof over there head.
    If think they want claimants to either get ill and burden the NHS or commit crime as we all know how desperate they are to privatize them for profit. The Tories aren’t just hindering researchers, there deliberately leaving Jeremy Hunt in his position knowing it will eventually drive away doctors and nurses, are deliberately under funding prisons knowing violence and revolts will break out.

    The Tories are deliberately destroying pubic services with poor governance so they can turn around and say the public have no choice but to accept privatization.

    Voting the Tories in a third time will signal the death knell.

  • john smith

    All means tested benefits are inalienable .
    They are funded from general taxes not income tax or NI .
    Most of the income tax revenue go’s to pay the interest on governments debts .
    Job centre plus dose not exist .It ceased trading in November 2011 . It is a con .
    Do not forget the claimant commitment is a two way agreement , so put your own conditions on it and sigh it at the bottom on the right hand side .
    I did this and they closed my claim for 51 weeks and again for another month . But they admitted they was wrong to do so and backed dated my claim and gave me £300 compensation .